Third Party QUOINEX Review

QUOINEX Overview

This QUOINEX review is from third-party sources, quality may differ.Quionex exchange is a product created by quione. Currently, quione combines a strong network of local partners with over 250 years of combined team experience in the financial industry. When it comes fiat trading pairs - it's is one of the most "fiat friendly" cryptocurrency exchange on the market. Support multiple fiat trading pairs and with upcoming liquid+ platform, quione will be able to offer any fiat trading pair with your favorite cryptocurrency. Quionex & quione - regulations in september 2017 - quione was officially the first cryptocurrency company licensed by the japan financial services agency, they are looking for more and more talented people into their the future, QUOINEX has no doubts that quionex and liquid+ will be the biggest players in crypto economy. Part of the liquid+ platform once liquid+ platform will go live, QUOINEX is pretty sure that quionex will be part of their world book, therefore, the liquidity on quionex will drastically increase thus making it right now perfect choice for secure cryptocurrency exchange with fiat pairs and huge liquidity. Currently with quionex account you will also receive access to their second exchange called QRYPTOS where you also can trade other altcoins or run your own ico. Unfortunately, QRYPTOS don't accept fiat withdrawals / deposits.

Recapitulation Of QUOINEX Review

Currently quionex has everything what modern cryptocurrency exchange needs. All what is missing is marketing, but that's slowly changing and more & more people are discovering great features of this exchange. Support is getting better every day and there is no evidence that quionex was trying to scam someone or doing illegal other words it's perfect regulated exchange for all kinds of investors and traders. QUOINEX is expecting big things from quione team and QUOINEX is pretty sure they will deliver.
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