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QRYPTOS is altcoins focused cryptocurrency exchange created by the company called QUIONE which is FinTech company fully regulated in Japan and both exchanges by QUIONE (Qryptos and QUIONEX) are called as the most secure and reliable in the world because of their security policies. On QRYPTOS exchange mayor trading pairs are BTC, ETH, and QASH.

QRYPTOS Exchange has free & open registrations and has an active affiliate program.

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As we stated above QRYPTOS cryptocurrency exchange is created by the company called QUIONE and in the future, it will be in the group of crypto exchanges that will share liquidity in the world book created by the platform called Liquid+ (also created by the company QUIONE). This fact will help to increase liquidity on the QRYPTOS exchange and will help you to trade with any fiat currency you will want (currently the most trades in the crypto economy with fiat are done with USD pair).

QASH utility token is also used as the trading pair on QRYPTOS next to BTC and ETH pairs and in the future, you will be able to pay for services and products by QUIONE. Also, investors and traders will receive discounts and additional advantages if they decide to use QASH as trading pair or using QASH to save money on trading fees.

Learn more about QASH and Liquid+ platform.

Liquidity Problem in Crypto Economy

Currently policies setup by QUIONE on their exchanges QUIONEX and QRYPTOS are made in favor to so-called market makers (such as negative fees) but in the future, they want to solve the liquidity problem with the global solution, that's where the world book comes into play.

Liquid+ platform will help anyone to fulfill their trade orders without minimal spread and loses on the fiat conversions fees. Right now if you would like to trade with some exotic fiat pair such as (Czech koruna, Rubble etc.) you are highly disadvantaged because of low liquidity on these trading pairs (compared to USD trading pairs).

In other words, Liquid+ platform is a combination of the world book and prime brokerage services.

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QRYPTOS partner program

Partner Program Description

Recommend someone to QRYPTOS or QUIONEX cryptocurrency exchange & you and your referral will each recieve 3 QASH utility tokens for free.

The reward you will both recieve is capped at 2.50 USD per 1 QASH, so you will be able to recieve up to 7.50 USD per referral.


CPA (Cost per action) - Up to 3 QASH per lead

Official website www.qryptos.com
Get 3 FREE QASH for creating account on QRYPTOS.com
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