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Binance is a high-performance cryptocurrency exchange platform based in hong kong & japan which supports BTC, ETH, usdt & bnb trading pairs.

Binance Exchange has free & open registrations and has an active affiliate program. Binance Exchange has also mobile App(s) available.

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  • Mohamed
    May, 10
  • Martin Peterson
    March, 15
  • Madeline Kelley
    March, 10
  • Dina
    March, 09
  • Christia
    January, 26
  • Jean Ballard
    December, 29
  • Adrien
    December, 15
  • Eldora
    December, 10
  • Dung
    December, 01
  • Nina Clarke
    July, 29
  • Maude
    July, 24
  • Anuraag Hegadi
    June, 12
  • Dennis
    June, 11
  • Divina
    June, 09
  • Carolyn Anderson
    March, 26
  • Alphonse
    March, 11
  • JB
    February, 21
  • Adolfo
    February, 10
  • Irene Flores
    January, 17
  • Toby
    December, 24
  • Catarina
    December, 11
  • Andrea Peterson
    December, 05
  • Issac
    November, 18
  • Jenelle Shuler
    November, 15
  • Richard Allen
    November, 05
  • Logan Ostrander
    August, 04
  • Dominique
    July, 13
  • Neelnew
    June, 24
  • Patricia Butler
    June, 02
  • Miles
    May, 18
  • Rose Phillips
    April, 30
  • Alberta
    April, 06
  • Conrad Fields
    February, 23
  • Anne
    February, 16
  • Etta
    February, 14
  • Bradley Barrett
    December, 19
  • Mike Ortiz
    November, 19
  • Tonya
    October, 15
  • Saleem
    July, 08
  • Dianna
    July, 02
  • Audra
    June, 14
  • Amara Chipalunakar
    May, 01
  • Aundrea
    January, 14
  • Thora
    January, 10
  • Filip
    January, 06
  • Julia Williams
    December, 29
  • Ismael Taylor
    November, 29
  • Chung
    November, 11
  • Dr. Waleen
    October, 30
  • Mammie
    September, 03
  • Mitch Jacobson
    July, 24
  • Maricela
    June, 14
  • Kim
    May, 07
  • Alberto Duncan
    April, 22
  • Dominica
    April, 09
  • Marx
    April, 04
  • Baibhav Khamavant
    December, 14
  • Allene
    December, 09
  • Kelly Jones
    November, 22
  • Christiana
    May, 21
  • Magdalen
    May, 06
  • Maurita
    March, 04
  • Paul Stewart
    January, 18
  • Mia
    January, 09
  • Lee Bryant
    January, 08
  • Carolina
    November, 20
  • Blondell
    November, 15
  • Apryl
    November, 14
  • Donovan Neumann
    September, 28
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  • Rogelio Ingram
    December, 04
  • Frank Diaz
    February, 03
  • Dorian
    June, 19
  • Milagros
    December, 05
  • Roy Perez
    December, 05
  • Donn
    April, 25
  • Ernie Cohn
    August, 15
  • Hannah
    August, 14

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Affgadgets Team Reviewing Binance


Binance has servers based in Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea. So while Binance doesn't fail for China regulations of cryptocurrencies, it also can at the same react very quickly to chinese news. It's perfect cryptocurrency exchange for both - western and eastern investors / traders.


When it comes to the pros of Binance, definitely we can say that it will be friendly user interface, supporting a lot of coins and great support team (mostly active on their subreddit). Now with Binance native coins, you also can save a lot of money on their fees.


A lot of people have issue with Binance that its hosted in Hong Kong and can fall under China regulations.


Binance is trully crypto exchange of next generation. Every month this cryptocurrency exchange gets more and more popular and at the end we can expect a lot of great things from Binance. Our personal favorite exchange of the 2017!

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Learn more about Binance

Binance Fees

Trading Fees

Binance has one of the lowest fees among all cryptocurrency exchanges. You can enjoy trading with 0.1% fees and if you decide to trade with native token, you can apply for 0.05% fees.

0.05% - 0.1% trading fees
Withdrawal Fees

When it comes to withdrawing your money to your cold wallets or another exchanges, then be prepared to pay around 0.0005 BTC for each withdrawal (for altcoins it may be different, check their fees section for more informations).

around 0.0005 BTC fees
Let us know, if Binance changed something!

Why Binance?

  • Quality DevelopersBehind Binance is a strong team with different backgrounds with a lot of experiences from the financial / crypto world. Binance team has also records of a lot of successful startups in the past.
  • Low Exchange FeesCompare to other cryptocurrency exchanges - Binance has a lot to offer when it comes to the costs of trading. You can enjoy very low and stable fees that are in 0.05 - 0.1% range.
  • Multi-Language SupportBinance has also multi-language support which includes English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Also, other languages are in developing.
  • Mobile FriendlyIt doesn't matter if you decide to trade with your phone or your computer. All devices are covered with their multi-devices support.
  • Strong SecurityBinance is considered as one of the safest storage of your cryptocurrencies. With standards like Google Authenticator to the very secured backend.
  • High PerformanceBinance can handle up to 1,5 millions transactions per second which makes it immune to market crashes (as it happened recently with Bitfinex and Coinbase).
  • Huge LiquidityEnjoy low spreads and huge liquidity on Binance. No more waiting hours to get your trades liquidated. Also, the volume is increasing every day as Binance gets more and more popular!
  • affiliate programStart marketing Binance and collect 50% commissions from all fees generated by your referrals - more information in the referral area.
  • Well-knownBinance is very popular in cryptocurrency exchanges category. Plus the interest is increasing.
  • 24-Hour HelpTalk to Binance help team using email
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Binance referral program

Partner Program Description

Promote one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in the world and earn sweet 50% commissions from fees generated by your direct referrals. Promote the best cryptocurrency exchange and enjoy the passive income.


PPS (Pay per sale), Revenue sharing - Up to 20% from referrals fees.

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