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This DeskTime review is from third-party sources, quality may differ.Are you the lazy type? Do you think you are being unproductive? If you do and have already tried pushing yourself but ended up unsuccessful, then you must be doing something wrong. It is hard being in that situation. It is as if there are a lot of things that you need to do but then every time you try, you just end up procrastinating. One reason for this that you do not set goals for the day or for a given period of time. Since you do not have goals, you will tend to think that there is no work that needs to been done or will not be pressured on doing something since you cannot see the things that needs to be done. Another thing that may cause this that you cannot monitor your activities. Once you recorded your activities, you will see that you have done more procrastination than work. However, there is a problem with this. Since you are already in that state where you would rather rest or do something unimportant, how would you even force yourself to monitor you every activity and list them manually? Are you an employer? Are you doubting the work that your employees are doing? do you think the amount you are paying your employees are just right for their work, or do you think you are giving them more than what they deserve? Have you tried hiring other people to look at your employees work and not finding out that technique will not work? Then there is something you must do.DeskTime support for your procrastination and employee problem, the solution is just one application.introducing the DeskTime application. This app will be installed into your computer and you will get what you need to know. Basically, this app will track the application you or your employees are using then it will be analyzed using a modifiable database of productive. This can be used personally or in your office. Therefore solving both of the mentioned problem. What is even more interesting in this application is that it can not only be installed in your computer but also in your smartphones and other gadgets.DeskTime pros this application has many things to offer. Here are some of them. They record and interpret the work you are doing. Through this, you will find out if you or your employees are being productive or not. With that, you can tell them or yourself whether what you are doing is enough or less than what needs to be done. Knowing your productivity data will make you even more productive. If you realized that what you are doing is not enough, then you will tend to improve your work. The application is private. If you are using the application for personal use, then you will be the only one who will see the productivity data. On the other hand, if you are using it in the office, only the owner and the administrators can see the data. Hence, there you will not have to worry about the privacy of your results. You can download the application to your smartphones or tablets. With this, you can track your employees productivity even if you are not in the office. It is customizable. You can set the starting time of you or your employees. Another advantage of it being customizable is that when your employees are using their computer or laptops at home for personal use, you can not monitor their productivity, you can just chang the IP into the settings.DeskTime cons the application is limited to the work done when you are online. Once you go offline or away from your computer, the application will not record your work. However, there is this feature that will let you input the work that you did for the time you are out. The only downside is that there is a tendency that you will forget the work that you have done while you are out. The application is limited to Windows XP or later and Mac os x hes. 6 or later. Your disadvantage would only be if you are using something older than these. It needs Firefox add-on for Mac. If you are using Mac, you have no choice but to install this add-on because it is necessary for the app. If you do not like to install things, this may be a turn off to you. It is not Free. You will need to pay for the benefits of the application. Whats even worse is that if you are going to monitor your employees, you will have to pay for each one of them.meaning, the more employees you want to monitor, the more you have to pay. However, this paid monthly, so if you have additional or less employee, you will be paying differently form the previous month.

Recapitulation Of DeskTime Review

Recall the reason why you should install this application. It can be because you wanted to be productive or increase your productivity. Another is that you wanted to monitor the performance of your employees. The solution to your problem is purchasing anything, always consider the pros and cons of the product you will purchase. The advantages and disadvantages were mentioned earlier. The advantages are: it will help you with your productivity, it can be private, the application can be downloaded to your smartphones and tablets, and the application is customizable. The disadvantages are: the application is limited, it needs to install a Firefox add-on for Mac, and it is not Free.considering the pros and cons, will you purchase and install the app? Again, recall your reasons for wanting to have the app. Think if those reasons are enough for you to accept the consequences of installing the app. However, if you will think about this, the pros of installing DeskTime are more than the cons. Furthermore, installing the app will help you increase you and your employees productivity.
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