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This RescueTime review is from third-party sources, quality may differ.Most people tend to spend so much time procrastinating. Some think that they work because they are in front of the computer all day, but in reality they are not. There are many distractions that computers can give, it is even worse if you have internet Connection. Do you think you are one of these people who confuse work with procrastination? If you are, what are your plans on turning your procrastination into Real work? Or do you have plan yet? It is important to change your habit of procrastination. Why? because less procrastination means more work done, more work done means less time wasted. We do not know when the end of their lives will be so it would be good to not waste. So, what is the solution you can do to this procrastination problem that you have? One solution that you can do is to set goals that you should be doing for a given time. By doing this, you will be pressured to work and reach that goal. This will give you less time for procrastination. Another thing is to make a time table. It would be better to make a time table for a day. With this, you will learn to value your time and budget them properly. The breaks should also be included so that you will know how much time you should spend on breaks and not insert it in a period of time where you should be working. Another thing that you can do is to list the things you are doing for the day. List those that you have accomplished so that you can evaluate yourself and see if you are being productive or just wasting your time. The mentioned solution will be really helpful. However, you may encounter problems with these solutions. You may forget to set goals, make a time table and recall everything that you have accomplished in a given time. So what is left for you to do? There is an app that will help you with your procrastination problem. This app is RescueTime. RescueTime support RescueTime is an application that runs actively at the background of your computer. They record all the applications and websites you visited for a day giving you the complete picture of what you have done for the day. Furthermore, they also provide you with the detailed report of what all the activities you did for the whole day. Basically, this app will do the solution mentioned above. RescueTime pros since RescueTime records all your activities for the day, it can provide you with the complete data of what you have done for the day; hence giving you the idea if you have been productive for a ceratin day or not. If not, you will know what to do and from there, you can set goals. Another thing that this data can give you is that, you will know in the middle of the day if what you have done and will do will make you reach the goal you set for the day. One feature that RescueTime offers is that you can set an alarm when you spent so much time in an activity. If for example, you have been in social media for more than doesn't hours, the alarm will go off. Then, you will know that you need to work and stop having that break for too long. The service of RescueTime will not end there. They will even send you emails on the summary of what you have done for a week. With that summary, you can evaluate your performance and you will know what you need to work on to. Another thing about this app is that it can record your activities even if you are not online. Hence, you do not need internet all the time just to monitor your activities. If you are worried about your data, where it will go and who can see them. RescueTime assures you that only you can see your datand that your data is only yours, they would not publish them or sell them. RescueTime cons it seems that this app can give you the things you need in order to be productive. However, just like any other products, there are things that RescueTime lacks. One of this that it records only your activities with your internet or gadgets. If ever you will be working outside or on something that do not require the use of computers, you will not be able to receive a databout it. Another thing is that the app is Free but you cannot maximize it's service if you do not upgrade your app to premium. So, you really will not get the benefits of the app for Free. There are no more major shortcomings from RescueTime.

Recapitulation Of RescueTime Review

Given that you are one of those people who cannot maximize their time and who procrastinate and waste their time, then you really need help. The solution mentioned was that you need to plan your day by setting goals, making time tables, and listing all your activities for the day. However, one may have the tendency to not do these things or forget to do these things. Hence, we go to the different and more effective solution. It is through downloading the app RescueTime. This app will record your activities for the day and will give you the summary of your activities for that certain day. Therefore, it will help you with your procrastination problem. Just like any other apps, this app has it's pros and cons. Here are the pros: it will give you the data of your daily activities, it has an alarm to remind you that you should stop working, they email you the summary of your data for the past week, and your productivity data will be private and only you and the app has it. The disadvantages, on the other hand, are that the activities that RescueTime can give you are only those that you did using your computer or devices. Another thing is that you cannot avail their full service without buying the premium app.considering these, will you let RescueTime change your life, or will you do the change on your own?
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