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This WP Answers review is from third-party sources, quality may differ.When you enter into a website, have you seen a page that would ask you several or just one question first before you can access the website? This a WordPress question and answer plug in. There are several reasons why this plug in is needed for your website. Aside from the fact that it could be one way of identifying that the person visiting the site is Real and not an automated machine or software, it can also protect your website from unwanted spammers. WP Answers is one of the generators of this plugin. The features of the plug in are endless, and it's use is also endless as well. You can use it with your existing theme, or automate the content from stack exchange. It can also be integrated in social media so it can generate growth. There are also tools that prevent spamming. Themes are also very responsive and intuitive. The cost is only around 89 dollars. It by far one of the first ever comprehensive question and answer system for WordPress and has recently continued to be the best in the industry. WP Answers support the features of the software include the ever popular question and answer system, that can reward your existing users with several points and you can also display a leader board to encourage participation by competition with the other users. You can use their pre made themes, or use your own existing theme. The feature that allows the plugin to be integrated in social media sites will definitely increase the probability of growing your subscriptions as well. It will allow your users to sign up and log in using Facebook or Twitter, and auto posting of questions or answers become possible to their accounts. The moderation and spam tools will prevent your page from having spammers. Themes are very responsive, and they also guarantee support for a year. WP Answers pros the fact that this plugin can generate leads for you and substantially increase the number of subscribers as well, and sooner or later generate sales amongst these subscribers. There are also several add-ons that make this plugin different from any other service providers such as it's ability to charge people to post questions can automatically receive payment via PayPal. You can also limit the people who canswer the questions in their user levels feature. This through segregation of the admins, the editors, authors, contributes and the subscribers. They are also an already established company for doesn't years already, and paid out over around 50.0 dollar in that certain period. There is also a pretty good referral download scheme that they are trying to promote to increase their users, and they pay 30 percent commission on every sale. WP Answers cons the software have a lot of advantages and are one of the most trusted WordPress and plugin generators in the industry, but there is always room for improvements they say. One of the factors that can be improved is it's intuitiveness in editing the page, including the interface. The number of pre-made themes can also be improved; they can add more designs so consumers can have more choices to choose from. The cost is also relatively high for a popup plugin, but since the software performs well, it might deem cost effective already. Return of investment for online businessmen are important, and this could be seen automatically. A better platform for monitoring the sales and the lead generations might be also important, so the consumers can gauge the efficacy of the plug in that they bought.

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The fact that this software can definitely help users not just to prevent spam but also grow leads and increase their sales. It is one of the investments of the online business builders should consider. The features are clear and are all very useful. The I may deem fast and efficient with this software because of it's complete and clear goal. The popups generate leads fast because of the integration of social media well including the squeeze in pages that was features in the software. The opportunity that this software gives to online traders are highly lucrative which is definitely one of the options that should be considered very well, especially now that there is really growing number of lucrative online builders and sellers gearing up competition. There are certainly factors that may need additional improvements, but the developers continue on these improvements.
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