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This Pretty Link Pro review is from third-party sources, quality may differ.Many individuals are taking advantage of the internet. Some uses it in marketing their products and services while others are using it for their personal motives.marketers and online writers especially those who are in the business of blogging own multiple websites which they need to order to obtain a considerable number of visitors in their website; many market them by means of promoting their links and it can be exhausting to link each of your website to your other websites so your followers from each of them will be able to follow your other pages. Pretty link is a tool which you can use in handling and controlling all of your links including those in your social accounts whether it is for business or personal purposes. It is so easy to use since it is a Word press plugin. By uploading a ZIP file and activating it to your website you are automatically producing links by utilizing your own website. You can now easily conceal and trail down your links as well as share it to others. It is like employing the help of a third party solution and yet you still receive the benefit of a custom solution. Pretty Link Pro support the makers of this plugin see to it that you will get the needed support whenever you need case you encounter some problems while using this there are available help from their support system. They see to it that this plugin is functioning well and is updated with all the current releases of Word press and has all the newly updated features in order to better utilize the benefits of the software. You definitely get what your moneys worth as regular updates are being fed into the system. They provide a lot of means for you to maximise your software. Pretty Link Pro pros it is highly advantage for marketers who want to conceal their links from their customers or clients. There is a one year premium support that they can enjoy whether they get the developer edition or the Blogger edition. You also get to access trainings which are solely intended for members. Aside from it's being easy to use it's automatic updates are available for all of it's members and can be accessed for a lifetime. The developer edition provides use of the software for unlimited number of owned websites as well as websites of customers while Blogger edition only allows the use for only one website. It is cheaper for bloggers at only $37 dollars. The features are so many such as redirection types, management, automation and sharing. You can easily put additional buttons for your social accounts on all of your blogs or web pages. You can do a lot with it's features. Pretty Link Pro cons there are no serious disadvantage of using pretty link. However you cannot say that it has no flaw. As far as i'm concern, the only thing that I see as a turnoff to this plugin is on it's Blogger edition. It is true that it can be considered cheap at it's price but it's usage is limited as it can only be used for only one website making it worthless for bloggers who maintain multiple web pages and social accounts. Some would find it as complicated to use but youll be able to get the hangs of it once you get use with the process or system on how it works. There is only one difference between the developer and Blogger edition and that is the number of the websites where you can use pretty link and some might consider the price of the developer edition as expensive just for that reason.

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With all the benefits that go with it's features and functions, you can definitely surmise that this plugin is nearly a perfect one though Pretty Link Pro has yet to find out in the long run if there are some flaws that might come out later on. This plugin is very convenient for those who have to handle a lot of websites. It lessens the problems of linking all of your just a few minutes you can already create links without having so much difficulty. Without it you have to spend a lot of time to complete the task. It is easy to set up by simply downloading and installing, you can already enjoy all of it's benefits. Bloggers and developers could really use it as they are the ones who most needed it for their multiple pages. You can get automatic updates plus supports on time when you need them most.
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