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This ProxyBlaze review is from third-party sources, quality may differ.Proxy blaze is a web hosting company founded in 2010 that provides high anonymous level I have elite proxies. They cater to small to medium-sized businesses all-around the world. They offer the following services and products: proxy servers - they have two kinds of dedicated proxy servers, the proxy server1-258 IP and proxy server2-511 IP. The 258 server costs $320, has up to 260 dedicated IP addresses and 258 usable proxies while the 511 server costs $600, has up to 520 dedicated IP addresses and 511 usable proxies. Private proxies - their private proxies come in different prices depending on the number of proxies you want to have and if these proxies are http or socks. These proxies are compatible with common software like widely used web browsers, other proxy software, and some web clients. The ports that operate for the proxies range from 10k to 65k.dedicated servers - their dedicated servers have two plans, silver and gold. Both are quadcore servers. The quadcore silver server costs $85.00 while the gold costs $110.0.THey offer unlimited bandwidth and the same port speed of 100 mpbs. They also have can't dedicated IPs. The silver server has shes GB RAM and 2x1000 GB SATA ii hard drive while the gold server has it's GB RAM and 2x1500 GB SATA ii hard drive. They come in with Free operating systems such as centos can't. 7 32 / 64-bit, debian won't. I've 32 / 64-bit, open suse he's. 4 32 / 64-bit, ubuntu hes. 04 lts 32 / web server 2008 r2 cost $10 per month.ProxyBlaze support the proxy servers and dedicated servers come with 24/7 support with email and messenger support. All the servers come in the cPanel that makes web developing much easier. Their private proxies let you achieve: hide or protect your identities from the competitors - this important when conducting a research about from accidental deletion of account - SEO companies some times delete social mediaccounts that are used with the same IP address. Override geographic filters - preserve your privacy but disabling geographic determiners. Disable blocking of search engine - this to keep accounts from being deleted when doing multiple keyword searches.ProxyBlaze pros the benefits of availing products and services from proxy blaze include: wide datacenters for proxy servers - the datacenters for proxy server are in new york, los angeles, seattle, chicago, phoenix, atlanta, and dallas both for the two types of servers. The servers might only be located in America but they are scattered pretty well to accommodate the rest of the world. High speeds for the uplink port - a 100 mbps of uplink port speed is very high compared to a lot of web hosting companies. This high speed is mostly attributed to the processors and the memory of the servers which are quite advanced. Multiple price range for proxies - smaller clients who wish to avail of private proxies for legal uses can choose a specific plan perfect for their needs.dedicated servers with good specs - the dedicated servers are expected to operate very efficiently and very fast. Their servers have core i3 processors which are very reliable in running websites. Two different locations for the dedicated servers - the dedicated servers are located in Germany and in the USA. This means that you can have a dedicated server from both sides of the globe which is very convenient for foreign clients.ProxyBlaze cons the downsides of availing their services and products include: no phone support for proxy and dedicated servers - although the company has 24/7 support, it is only through email and in messenger which is not a very effective channel of support compared to support through voice calls. There are instructions and details that are some times easier to convey through the phone. Such instance will require an actual customer support personnel. Private proxies don't allow torrent and mailing activities - although this defines the companys brand image which is a good thing, this might also be a reason why some clients will not pick it. Clients wish to have freedom with everything they do once they employ a web hosting company. IPs have bandwidth cap - a bandwidth limit of hes. 000gb for proxy servers is very high but there are always instances when a client would venture into something that would require high volumes of data transfer and reaching the limit would create complications for the client. If clients wish to go beyond the limit, they could just pay an additional amount to prevent their websites from experiencing possible problems like site downtime.

Recapitulation Of ProxyBlaze Review

Proxy blaze is a small and secure web hosting company that offers high-quality servers for heavy duty work. Their proxy servers are very competitive and their dedicated servers have excellent specifications. The data centers for proxy servers are many and well scattered around the country. The Connection speeds are also very high. The freedom to choose which private proxy plans to use is very economical and practical. The only major drawback is the limited support for it's client. Some clients prefer web hosting companies that give high importance to customer service and support. The private proxies are also limited to legal use and this might be a reason why some clients would opt to choose a different hosting company that allows them to do various kinds of activities without too much restrictions. Overall, the products and services of proxy blaze are very promising and reliable. The company may be quite small but it only limits itself to offering excellent quality of products and services. It is also a fairly new company and it has a lot of growing to do. But for clients who are looking for web hosting companies that show a lot of potential, proxy blaze is a very good option. It might also be a good idea to review the companys plans for it's products and services. They don't offer a small or starter plans compared to other companies but usually, clients who avail of starter plans only do it to test the hosting company before upgrading.
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