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SSL Private Proxy Overview

This SSL Private Proxy review is from third-party sources, quality may differ.SSL Private Proxy is a company that offers private proxy server services. A private proxy server is an assigned IP that can be used only by a single client exclusively. This used to hide the devices public IP address which is assigned by their ISP or internet service provider. The main goal of an exclusive IP is that you will have the advantage of surfing the internet at a faster rate since you have a unique private proxy. The rate of the speed when browsing the internet will not change even the peak hours of the internet is reached. SSL supports the pptp protocol or the point-to-point tunneling protocol. It is a set of communication rules which gives a corporation the freedom to lengthen their own corporate network with the use of private tunnels to the public internet, which is called the VPN or virtual private network. The focus of SSL Private Proxy is to give proxy service to corporations with the support of pptp protocol which is mainly used by many computer os such as Windows, Mac and Linux. Private and shred services are what they offer. Private VPN cost $7 per month which comes with the exclusive IP that can be used by only one person that is very useful with accessing banking servers, IP restricted areas, and secure corporate networks. Shared VPN cost $3.50 per month which gives you multiple static IPs. This static IPs are used by many people, which gives you more anonymity when visiting public internet. SSL Private Proxy support SSL proxy gives you the privacy you need when it comes to your internet surfing. The private VPN they offer will give you plenty advantages for more secure Connection. It is very useful for your corporation to keep the identity of your device anonymous. Shared VPN will allow you to have freedom in surfing the internet without worrying about your identity. Since it is a shared IP, it means that thousands of people are using the same IP that the site you are accessing sees. It makes your browsing experience worry-free and secure. SSL provides services upon purchase. Their prices are affordable and their services are amazing. SSL Private Proxy pros ssls private proxy services have many advantages to offer you. The major advantage is that secure proxies keep all of your information safe. Hackers won't be able to get into your computer. Unsecure computers can be hacked easily by installing key loggers into their system to keep track of everything you encode. Key loggers are what hackers use to record everything that you type in your computer. They do this by the use of public internet Connections and sites that are normally visited by their target victim. With private proxies your browsing and typing history is secure. Paid private proxies are fast and safer. There are Free proxies available on the internet however, due to it's Free usage many people are using it making the internet browsing slower. With private and paid proxies you are assured that they give you fast speed of internet browsing. Private proxies are used to help you enter any filters or firewalls that a secure site might have. With SSL you will be able to bypass all of these firewalls and filters without worrying about your information for getting more IP address and geographic locations. Browsing the internet with an invisible identity makes it hard for hackers to track down and hack your computer and identity. SSL Private Proxy cons being under the proxy server service, disadvantages are still present. As a web-based proxy server you are required to create an account in their website to be able to see their platform. This platform is the one used to manipulate your purchased service and set up all necessary devices needed to be covered by this product. It may require effort and time from you but this needed to complete the whole process of connecting all of your devices into the proxy server. Another disadvantage is your information and identity security. It is said that your identity and other information are secure with these proxy servers. It is true that it is secure because your datare all stored in their servers which can be used by other people within their company. However, this disadvantage is low at risk since the companys credibility is at stake. Even though the disadvantages of using proxy servers are minimal, it is still not recommended to place it all behind. It is better to know the two sides of the coin to have better understanding of what you are getting into, and to be able to come up with the most trusted service provider.

Recapitulation Of SSL Private Proxy Review

SSL Private Proxy gives you the security you need with it's pttp protocol. Pttp protocol requires private tunneling such as https in accessing the public internet.accessing the internet without the https or private tunnels returns encoded keys as it is and not encrypted. It means that when you type in your username and password in any website, the information you provide those websites are all recorded in the same manner as you are typing it. With encrypted texts, your encoded or typed texts are converted into a code that cannot be read by people. With SSL you are assured that your internet browsing is secure and fast. The price of SSL services are very affordable. You can experience fast internet browsing with their platform without any lags. With their multiple static IP available for you, you will be able to choose which location you want to use to protect your identity. You can access secure websites without worrying about any problem. They can assure you that their servers are running smoothly and all are in good condition to serve you only the best service. Their website offer support for their clients who needs their help or for any inquiries by contacting them in their contact us tab. Their website and platform are easy to understand to navigate which gives you lesser time in studiyng all of it's areas. Frequently asked questions tab are also available for consumers or possible clients who wants to know something about the companys services.
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