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This ClixTrac review is from third-party sources, quality may differ.After you establish your business website, now it's time to promote it. One of the greatest and most essential factors of gaining PR . Your banner must also convincing and attractive, regardless of how sophisticated the design is. The banner must appealing and convincing for the live audience to click on them. While, backlinks or link building aims both live audiences and search engines algorithm. On the other hand, keep in mind that links is not all about on how many websites you have that connects to your primary website. Link building is all about relevancy, all websites that you use for linking must be relevant about the niche of your website. Otherwise, it is a waste of money, effort and time. ClixTrac support link tracking and ad tracking platform tool will help you to determine if the websites you are using for your online banners and backlinks are useable. By this way you can eliminate irrelevant websites that are not helping your online marketing campaign and focus more about websites that are increasingly boosting your pagerank. Tracking service will help you to monitor on how many times a specific website or banner are being viewed or clicked. ClixTrac is a web-based tracking platform service use for online banner ads and backlinks. It helps your online marketing campaign to improve your promotional effort and evaluate how effective your links and banners are. ClixTrac pros ClixTrac feature easy to use and friendly graphic interface, you don't need to be a professional webmaster in order to understand the dashboard. You can simply manage your online marketing campaign with your ads and backlinks easy. Also, you no longer need to download any software, database and updating scripts. Once you log in in, ClixTrac is ready to use that provides accurate and real-time banners and links tracking system. You can actually generate Free viral traffic within the platform. Also, you can either use built-in sharing or bookmark feature. Multiple ads can be places in a particular online website classified advertisement platform without placement fees. However, keep in mind that not all Free classified advertisement websites are the same. Most classified ads websites are restrictive when it comes with how many ads can be place during a specific time. Also not all of them are very useful and significant with your online marketing campaign. ClixTrac will help you to put distinctive links into a very alluring eye-catching online ads and banners. ClixTrac will record every instant clicks from your advertisement. You have the capability to access and monitor about how many times an IP clicks on your ads for the day and you can even reset the stats. You can also use split-test traffic that connects to different URL and determine potential websites that offers higher rois. ClixTrac cons since ClixTrac offers complimentary feature, somehow most webmaster are not convinced if the platform are reliable when it comes with monitoring or tracking relevant backlinks and online banner ads. You can actually create unlimited numbers of links, however, the tracker will track clicks on each for about 100 clicks that will only last for about won't days. After your links obtain 100 clicks or after seven days the link will expire resulting potential visitors to hesitate. Visitors and potential clients may no longer possibly land anymore to your primary website. The purpose of using online-based link tracking and ads tracking software is very helpful when it comes with getting relevant websites that helps you to improve your link tracking management.because ClixTrac is for Free to use, lots of webmasters that wants to monitor their links without spending their hard earned moneywill always turn their option using the platform. Excessive use of the platform coming from different location it will create traffic surge resulting unreliable result. Free links and ads tracking service may offer great feature because it is Free to use. But, ClixTrac has to face reality that somehow you will always get you pay for. ClixTrac only feature limited capacities.

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Seo or search engine optimization is essential in order to increase your business website pagerank. One of the most essential parts of online marketing campaigns is by using online promotions such as banners or ads and link building. However, there are things that you need to consider to obtain effective online ads and efficient backlinks to succeed when optimizing your website. Firstly, your business online ads must be placed with reliable and relevant websites. The websites content should be related on the niche of your primary website otherwise it will be just a waste of money, time and effort. The banner should be eye-catchy and convincing to people. Keep in mind that most internet users are hesitant to click an online ads or banners since lots of websites today contains malicious software and viruses that harms the computers operating system. This why the online ads or banners must be convincing enough and appealing for the live audiences. ClixTrac is a Free web-based tracking system allowing webmasters to use in order to monitor relevant websites that can be helpful with SEO. ClixTrac will monitor every click of online ads, banners and links that are connected to your primary website. You can easily determine what are the important websites that can be used in the long run and eliminate irrelevant links. However, since ClixTrac is a complimentary web-based tracking platform, it may cause traffic surge because of many users resulting unreliable tracking system. Also, ClixTrac only feature limited capacities compared with other link tracking system.
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