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This Ad Trackz Gold review is from third-party sources, quality may differ.Internet marketers see the importance of advertisements and how they work to let them earn money. There are different areas wherein you can set up ads and earn from them. Some of them are banners, pop-ups, googlelele ads, PPC search engines and more. Ads increase sales; that is a fact. Good advertisements let you earn a lot of money. However, a known drawback withinternet ads is that they can be difficult to monitor and keep track. If you really want to maximize your earnings then you need to figure out which ads are making you the most money and concentrate on them. It also important which sources of traffic you are earning from so that you can devote your efforts to those sources. It is also important to keep a discreet profile when doing the tracking. Although the tracking you will be doing is harmless, there are users who don't like to be tracked and monitored when they purchase products online. Ad Trackz Gold is an ad tracking solution that makes it possible tack sales from advertisements, the sources of traffic, which ads generate sales, and to modify your tracking URL. Here is the full list of all the things that you can do: determine traffic and which ads actually work make use of tid / sid tracking to track the sales on different affiliate websites track and determine which keywords generate sales figure out how much is your return on investment based on a traffic source shorten your tracking URL customize your statistics reports make use of sub-campaigns to track the smallest details cloak tracking urls use redirect rules Ad Trackz Gold support the tracking solution comes with bonuses once you decide to avail of it. The first bonus is a professional installation of the tracker. Although it can be installed on your own, you can choose to leave it to someone to do the installing. Once the installation is set up, it can be tested; and if there are any problems, it can be resolved immediately. The other bonus is an ebook on professional ad tracking. It is a detailed guide on how to properly track ads and analyze them for future marketing actions. You can download different packages of the tracker. The script costs $77. The WordPress plugin costs $67. The script and plugin bundle costs %97. A hosted Ad Trackz Gold cost $27 a month. Ad Trackz Gold pros Ad Trackz Gold packs a lot of advantages and benefits once you decide to use it as your ad tracking solution. The features that come with it are the basic ones that will help you get through the whole process of online marketing without having to worry about ineffective ad campaigns. Full control of tracking - the tracking ability is very extensive. All the things that you can think of can be tracked and studied. This perfect for online marketers who want to look at all the details and find out how everything is doing.useful bonuses - the two bonuses are not just great bonuses but also very useful bonuses. The product itself it quite powerful but with the aid of the bonuses, it can be very a strong tracking tool. Well set up packages - online marketers who are not using or not comfortable with WordPress can opt to just make use of the script. For marketers who are using WordPress there is a separate plugin that can be downloaded or it come in a package deal with the script. A more continuous option can be made when choosing the hosted tracking solution. Ad Trackz Gold cons just like all products for online marketing, this one has it's own setbacks and downsides as well although these cons do not cause the pros of the product to waver. Requires you to trust on the data - there are people who don't like numbers and wish to rely on their own understanding of how the ads are working out for this case, it would really be difficult to make use of the product and make use of the data that is gathered from the tracking process. The data may not be trustworthy to others but it is a substantial Proof how things are going out so well. If you don't learn to trust the tracking statistics, then you won't be achieving marketing success with this tracking solution. Enough knowledge about scripts, plugins, and statistic data - if you are an internet marketer chances are, you already have sufficient knowledge concerning ads, traffic, plugins, and scripts. However, if you are just starting out or you don't have enough knowledge concerning these things, then you really need to take some to learn them before trying to make use of the ad tracking solution and interpreting the data that you will be gathering.

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Advertisements need to be targeted to the right audience for them to work properly and sales to go high. You might think that an advertisement is effective just because your sales make up for the cost of the advertisement but when you are employing a lot of advertisements, it is necessary to know which ones are making you the most money. The efforts that you put in should be targeted to a secure source. It is not enough just work, you need to work smart as well. This ad tracking solution allows you to work smart with all the features that will allow you to track and monitor all the necessary things that you need to look at. The features make it possible for full control of all the tracking activities that you can do with all the ads that youve set up. You can even fine-tune it to monitor the tiniest details that you wish to look at. The bonuses that come with the product are very useful and will really be utilized during the entire process of tracking and analyzing the data. For people who don't like to think too much about the numbers, then the ad tracking solution would just be hassle. Also for those people who wish to leave everything to chance and just leave things untouched for a chance to result to some earnings. For internet marketers who wish to be in control who like to feel secure with everything theyve laid on, then Ad Trackz Gold is good option for an ad tracking solution.
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