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This BitDomain review is from third-party sources, quality may differ.Bitcoin is the new digital currency that has been very interesting to the public. It was recently developed and introduced over the internet on 2009. This digital currency opens another world of opportunities to billions of internet users. Transacting using Bitcoin allows one to purchase goods and even send digital currency to another user. Bitcoins are basically ones digital money. Among the many things that greatly characterize bitcoins and make it more appealing to many users is it's anonymity of usage. One can actually make use of bitcoins with anonymity. It does not require someone to be registered to a certain bank create an account within a network to use fact, when transacting with bitcoins, there are no middleman or intermediaries used. It simply mean that one can directly send money to another person or purchase good online without too much hassle. Perhaps this the reason why many people now considers the use of bitcoins in their online transaction particularly in paying services that they subscribe to online. For instance, website owners or people running a website can easily buy domain with the use of bitcoins. There are many domain service providers or web hosting services that allows a user to pay using bitcoins. An example of such is BitDomain.using Bitcoin is indeed very convenient since one need not worry about long transaction process or payment transaction that need to follow certain steps first.

Recapitulation Of BitDomain Review

What is BitDomain? This web host service allows an internet user to buy website domains or subscribe to their web hosting service by simply using bitcoins. Although the prices of their products or service are displayed in us dollars and euros, it is being converted to Bitcoin currency when one chooses to buy or subscribe to their service. This kind of service is best suited for people who greatly consider the anonymity of domains and privacy of transactions. Since Bitcoin allows users anonymity, one can easily subscribe to web hosting service without too much worries in whatever reasons has such. Also, the use of anonymous domains has many advantages and benefits. Also, many people are in need of it to protect their sites from fraud websites and spam. Anonymous domains are also known to protect one from dangerous governments and according to the service itself, it helps to enforce ones human right for Free speech. One can take advantage of using anonymous domains to stir clear away from serious threats on the internet including the many that were already mentioned. Along with this being secure that one is away from government surveillance. BitDomain also offers state-of-the-art domain management service and a reliable technical support. Moreover, if you buy the websites web hosting, it can provide you with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Their web hosting service is also reliable and secure and is powered by cPanel / plesk.using your bitcoins, you can easily obtain such great way to secure your websites or buy anonymous domain.
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