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This Koddos review is from third-party sources, quality may differ.Web hosting companies offer different kinds of servers with different specifications, they offer extra services, and promise an excellent customer support level. But there are companies like Koddos that offer a lot more. They include in the package a reliable DDoS protection. What is DDoS? DDoS means distributed denial of service. It simply means not allowing or blocking certain website or severs from using or entering a Connection or activity. This can be very serious to some people who run website that generate their profit.denial of service is done by different kind of people or both they are a big inconvenience to running a website. At Koddos, their web hosting packages classified risk hosting. Their packages include: offshore hosting - it has a storage worth of there's GB and 1000 GB monthly transfer. It includes a very easy cPanel and whm control panel. It is operated through anonymous hosting. And the same as the other plans, it has unlimited MySQL databases and email addresses. It starts at $8.95 per month. High risk hosting - it has a storage worth of 30 GB and 400 GB clean bandwidth. It includes a very easy cPanel control panel. And the same as the other plans, it has unlimited MySQL databases and email addresses. It starts at $140.0 per month.medium risk hosting - it has a storage worth of 30 GB and 200 GB clean bandwidth. It includes a very easy cpaneland whm control panel. It is operated through anonymous hosting. And the same as the other plans, it has unlimited MySQL databases and email addresses. It starts at $39.99 per month. DDoS protected dedicated server plan - it can operate up to 100 gbps DDoS protection. The CPU is intel quad core, the bandwidth is worth 20tb, the RAM size is 16gb, and memory of 2500 GB raid I have. Koddos support aside from their basic web hosting and DDoS protection plans, Koddos also offers additional services and products. They offer SSL certificates, domains, and server management. Their SSL are in 256 bit and their domains cost $15 dollar every year. With the use of softaculous, clients can install Free scripts of over 150.THeir technical support comes in Free with all of their services and operates 24/7. They accept payments through various payment options and are affiliated with a number of companies such as dell, redhat, MySQL among others. Currently, they offer a 20% discount which is recurring on any of their dedicated servers. Koddos pros the advantages of availing a web hosting service from Koddos are a lot. All of them are very beneficial for the clients. Here is a list of the advantages they offer: customized and advanced hosting packages - the packages of Koddos are well adjusted for the common needs and wants of a client. They grouped the packages according to the memory storage that most clients need. The hosting packages also include a DDoS protection plan that protects your website from very common attacks and dos. Efficient support - their support is also very reliable in a sense that all responses to clients inquiries and reports live and personal. There no automated responses and templates for the clients. Their support comes in 24/7 ym support and live chat. Wide range of payment methods - Koddos is unique from other web hosting companies because they offer very wide payment methods. Some clients can only pay web hosting services using very specific and some times uncommon payments methods. They allow Credit Card, PayPal, money gram, and even Bitcoin and Payeer. This very efficient for most foreign clients who can only pay through certain payment method available in their countries. Koddos cons the drawback in choosing a web hosting package from Koddos is that there server specifications are not that diverse and advanced. Some web hosting companies boast about their wide-array of servers when it comes to CPUs, RAMs, and hard disks that clients can choose from and create their own web hosting package. A client wants to have the leeway in choosing how much memory he should purchase in terms of his budget range and website operations. Koddos do not offer virtual servers, proxies, and reselling opportunities. This because the company is smaller in terms of it's operations and resources. Clients who order dedicated server wants to save time and effort in looking for another company that offers other services other than web hosting or dedicated servers although it is always a possibility that the company will add these services in the future.

Recapitulation Of Koddos Review

Koddos is a pretty small company but specializes in secure web hosting that allows websites to operate without having to worry about attack like, DDoS attacks, flood attacks, peer-to-peer, IP attacks, etc. These can be very hassle and inconvenient for the website especially if the website is involved in serious company and business operations and they need to be up all the time in order to proceed with important activities. The benefits of choosing Koddos is competitive with other major web hosting companies. Their pricing packages are smartly created, their support is personal and very efficient, and foreign clients are very welcomed with their wide array of payment methods. The only drawback is the lack of other services that other clients are looking for a web hosting company. They don't offer reselling packages and private servers. Overall, Koddos is a specialized company with a lot of potential. They could be at par with the major web hosting companies in the near future if they keep on doing what they do. Having promotional strategies can also lead to the companys growth and diversification of their products and services. Currently, they are giving out a promotion code of dedi14 that allows clients to avail of 20% recurring discount to all of their dedicated servers. Their extra features such as the SSL certificated and dedicated domains are also competitive with other companys pricing range and conditions. Their Free databases are also a good way to attract clients in to choosing Koddos from the rest of the web hosting companies.
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