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Affgadgets Team's Kucoin Review


Kucoin cryptocurrency exchange was founded by big names with financial and blockchain backgrounds. Kucoin is relatively new crypto exchange which is focusing to provide acccess to premium cryptocurrencies worldwide. Together with fantastic features and professional team - makes it very good choice for many investors.


The biggest pros of Kucoin exchange should be premium and lucrative cryptocurrencies that you can choose from, professional security with traditional tools like authenticator and qualified team behind this project, fast responding support and very low fees compare to other cryptocurrency exchanges.


Kucoin is relatively new exchange and you should also expect bigger spreads for low trading crypto pairs. This thing could be huge plus or huge minus - depends on your trading approach.


In our Kucoin review we mentioned that Kucoin is focusing on pairs that are very hard to find somewhere else with really decent fees policy. This is biggest advantage of Kucoin and we hopefuly believe that Kucoin will be important player within all cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Kucoin Fees & Costs

Trading Fees

Kucoin has one of the lowest fees possible - for most pairs there is 0.01% fees (for both - makers and takers). Some special pairs have even lower fees - 0.05% fees.

Fees range between 0.05% to 0.1%
Withdrawal Fees

When it comes to transfer your assets, Kucoin has very similar fees like other cryptocurrency exchanges. When it comes to processing your transfers - it's almost instant.

Very low withdrawal fees
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Kucoin Why Kucoin ?

  • User FriendlyKucoin benefits from their very user friendly design and navigation through cryptocurrency exchange. It's great as it will attract more "mainstream" investors".
  • Very Little FeesWhen it comes to Kucoin cryptocurrency exchange, all market and taker fees are within 0.01 - 0.1% range which makes it very lucrative exchange in eyes of day-to-day traders.
  • Voting SystemUsers can easily vote which coin should be added and which coin shouldn't. Is your favorite coin missed on Kucoin ? You can vote for it!
  • Mobile AppsNow you can easily trade and watch your portfolio with their Android & Iphone Apps. Trading cryptocurrencies with Kucoin get even easier!
  • SupportSupport usually responds within 24 hours and it's very friendly and helpful at the end. Huge plus compare to other crypto exchanges where it takes ages to get respond.
  • Exclusive CoinsWhen it comes to Asia cryptocurrencies, it's normally very hard to get them for retail investors if you classic cryptocurrency exchanges. With kucoin you will recieve access to the most exclusive cryptocurrency coins from Asia.
  • partner program Start promoting Kucoin in order to gain 20% of the fees of your directly invited users - further info in partner section.
  • 24/7 Assistance Connect with Kucoin help team by email.
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Kucoin Details

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Kucoin partner program

Recommend other traders to Kucoin cryptocurrency exchange and enjoy great 20% of the fees of your direct referrals. You will also greatly benefit from traders that will be invited by your referrals.

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