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Bitsane is a cryptocurrency exchange platform based in Europe which supports BTC, ETH, USD & EUR trading pairs. Also, accept EUR & USD deposits. Bitsane also offers APIs for developers.

Bitsane exchange has free & open registrations and has an active affiliate program.

Bitsane Reviews (64)

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  • Steven Hudson
    May 7
  • Jessica McEvoy
    May 6
  • Julian Heidebrink
    May 5
  • Liam Klaasen
    May 4
  • Dieter
    May 3
  • Reyansh
    May 2
  • Bakker
    May 2
  • Stuart Dawson
    May 2
  • Yoshirou Fujiwara
    May 2
  • Michael
    January 3
  • Bee
    December 21
  • Cindie
    December 19
  • Gregory tran
    December 17
  • Agripina
    December 16
  • Marylin
    December 15
  • Alexander
    December 14
  • Tobie
    December 10
  • Margarett
    December 9
  • Kathryn gonzales
    December 4
  • Jennifer bennett
    December 2
  • Maureen Briggs
    November 30
  • Marcella
    November 26
  • Larry
    November 22
  • Carisa
    November 21
  • Dovie
    November 21
  • Malia
    November 21
  • Shackcham Upalekar
    November 21
  • Marie henderson
    November 21
  • Dianne
    November 20
  • Alex
    November 20
  • Willie Morris
    November 18
  • Tawanda
    November 16
  • Daphne
    November 16
  • Abel
    November 14
  • Benjamin smith
    November 13
  • Orville holloway
    November 12
  • Ruldu mukhtar
    November 10
  • Merle alexander
    November 6
  • Justin
    November 6
  • Marion Wood
    November 5
  • Claire
    November 5
  • Vasishtha Randhawa
    November 3
  • Marianne gutierrez
    November 3
  • Sidney Turner
    October 29
  • Morris
    October 27
  • Carline
    October 24
  • Bobbie
    October 24
  • Amparo
    October 19
  • Detra
    October 6
  • Navin munshi
    October 5
  • Joseph evans
    October 4
  • Antoinette
    October 3
  • Jerry king
    September 27
  • Kirby
    September 22
  • Almeta
    September 14
  • Andree
    September 8
  • Berneice
    September 7
  • Victoria
    September 2
  • Marlana
    August 29
  • Kahoda patil
    August 28
  • Maxine colon
    August 19
  • Ethelene
    August 17
  • Erlene
    August 7
  • Mackenzie
    August 2

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Affgadgets Team Reviewing Bitsane


Bitsane is decent and professional cryptocurrency exchange where you can trade the most popular and the biggest coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and more. Bitsane at the end of 2017 is getting more and more attractions among a lot of traders, let's see what we like and what don't like about this exchange.


When it comes to pros of Bitsane, then we should mention their quality and professional support, mobily friendly trading, security and the fact that it has strong team behind it plus very clear interface even for beginner traders.


When it comes to the look of the dashboard and site itself, it may seems like old and scammy website and that can turn off a lot of potentional customers -> lowering potentional volume this exchange should get.


Bitsane should be consired not even by beginner traders but also by advanced. This platform has a lot of offers and with their very helpful team, you know that this exchange will not put you down!

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Bitsane Fees & Costs

Exchange Fees

Exchange fees on Bitsane cryptocurrency exchange depend if you are Maker or Taker. Maker fees are usually 0.15% and Taker fees are usually 0.25% for every transaction.

Taker fees - 0.25% & Maker fees - 0.15%
Withdrawal Fees

When it comes to transfering your assets from Bitsane, then there is minimal fee (depends on the volume) 0.0001 BTC right now. See their fees section for more informations.

Min. fees around 0.0001 BTC
Let us know, if Bitsane changed something!

Bitsane Features

  • User FriendlyDashboard and trading interface is very easy to understand and it is recommended even to traders that are not familiar with trading environment.
  • TransactionsTransactions are cleared almost instantly, you can watch your orders in real-time. No more delays with out-dated cryptocurrency brokers and exchanges.
  • SecurityProtect your digital assets with their security settings. From email confirmations to Google Authenticator - you can be sure that your account will be protected.
  • Mobile FriendlyWith Bitsane you can trade everywhere you go with their mobile-friendly interface and overall website. You can place orders on your phone as you will normally do on your computer!
  • partner program Start advertising Bitsane in order to earn 20% of fees generated by your referrals - other information in partner area.
  • Bitsane is a popular choice A ton of people customers are simply encouraging Bitsane, the popularity is rising.
  • 24/7 SupportBitsane has really active & helpful support ready to help you 24/7. Users usually wait around 1-2 hours to get their tickets answered.
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Bitsane partner program

Partner Program Description

Bitsane cryptocurrency exchange offers to their affiliates generous 20% commissions on all transactions fees generated by your direct referrals. Plus you also recieve rewards for each deposited by your referrals.

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