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Kajabi Overview

This Kajabi review is from third-party sources, quality may differ.Kajabi is a website meant for people who wants to start up their own online store without the need to hire an it team to build up and maintain their website. It is easy to use and has several features that you can use. They do everything that is happening in the back end of the website. Your job as the user is to put up all the contents you want and need to start up with your online business site. Engineers of Kajabi are all skilled and updated when it comes to the newest technology available to give you only the best service you can have. They offer automatic content delivery where you can add media files like videos, pdfs, text, and audio files that will make attract consumers. You can create marketing pages in simple steps and produce astonishing web page by their one-minute marketing pages. One-minute marketing pages allow you to create your own web page by choosing from different themes that are available in the platform. After creating the page you can integrate it with payment providers and your email provider to keep you track of any transactions done. Kajabi is cloud based which means that the engineers who monitors and maintains it won't distract you from any set ups or updates on the plug-ins. Prices of their service ranges from $99 per month as for starter plan, $199 per month for pro plan, and $299 per month for ultra plan. Kajabi support all Kajabi plans include unlimited leads, social media integration, and krunch video encoding as it's features. Other features depend on what plan you purchase. If you purchase a starter plan you will have 3 projects, I have. 000 portal members, and 3 admin accounts. For pro, 20 projects, 5.000 portal members, 20 admin accounts, and content delivery network. For ultra you will have unlimited projects, 12.500 portal members, unlimited admin accounts, and content delivery network. Their services are on monthly basis only to give their users freedom from any contracts. Creating website for your private profile or business needs is easy with Kajabi platform. Kajabi pros Kajabi gives you a lot of advantages as their clients. First is that you won't need to hire it professionals to build your site and maintain it. It is cost effective and very helpful for people who are starting up an online business. Second is that you are Free to use Kajabi either as a private website for you and others or as a marketing page. All media files such as videos are assured to run smoothly in your page since it is supported by the krunch video encoder, plus people won't be able to share it easily since it is encrypted with the most secure encryption for videos. Files that you are going to put in your page are all yours and Kajabi will not take ownership of it all. Another advantage is the social media integration which allows you to link your page to all of your social site accounts. Linking a webpage with your social sites can be done only by skilled professionals who know web development, with Kajabi you won't need to worry about it anymore, for it is automatically coded by their engineers. All you need to do is provide your account details. Kajabi cons the down side of having a web page hosted and maintained by a website is that all data, files, and other information will be given to them. The videos, pdfs, and audio files that you upload in this site belong to you. You might not be comfortable with letting your data share because of confidentiality purposes. However, the engineers are truly professional that they treat your data and files with proper care and confidentiality. Social media integration disadvantage is that you provide them your user account details like username and passwords to be able to the linking of the page. Your passwords and usernames on different social sites that you link your page will be stored in their database for the permanent linking of your page. Once you cancel your account with them, they will erase and delete permanently all of your data and files to Free the storage space you are occupying. Another disadvantage that some users may find annoying is the limited number of projects in the starter and pro plan. The limited numbers are too small for the starter although it can be used for small businesses, the price still does not match the project number. It should have been at least five.
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