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Hostwinds Overview

This Hostwinds review is from third-party sources, quality may differ.Hostwinds is a web hosting company based in tulsa, oklahoma that offers a wide variety of web hosting services, reselling packages, VPS, and dedicated servers. The company focuses on providing different high-level services in different levels to fit the needs of clients and providing an excellent support service. It's data center is located inside dallas infomart, dallas, texas. It is the worlds first technology market center and it houses Hostwinds servers which run over theyre fiber providers. The datacenter runs using first-rate generators to ensure that the servers and the clients websites are up and running all the time. The data center also has an exceptional cooling system to maintain the servers are in good condition. The company also prioritizes in security to make sure that all of the clients datare well protected. The datacenter is equipped with high-level of security from 24/7 security and staffing to surveillance and secure entrances. Aside from web hosting services, the company also provides extra services such as SSL certificate, speed optimization, and security optimization. The domains that the company provides are the major domain extensions.Hostwinds also support domain transfer. They allow websites previously hosted from a different hosting provider to be transferred to their servers and keep the websites URL.Hostwinds put a great importance to it's services and customer service and support. They want to make sure that they are the leading company in terms of having affordable and reliable web hosting services and a satisfying customer service and plans the hosting services of Hostwinds start at shared and business hosting. Both types of service have three levels - basic, advance, and ultimate - depending on the size of the website or the business. The company also offers resellers categorized into three levels according to how large the hosting company a client wants to open. Another reseller service is white-label where you can sell hosting services without carrying the name of Hostwinds. For clients who require their VPS or dedicated servers, the company offers VPS for different systems and a dedicated server guaranteed to provide the most reliable service and performance.Hostwinds pros Hostwinds offers a lot of good services and support. Here are some of the advantages of availing their services: different levels of hosting services - having different levels of hosting services allows clients to avail a cheaper hosting subscription; and with the bandwidth offers with each service level, you can really get something from your money. Extensive customer service and support - having a 24/7 customer support service, ticket system, live chat, and phone support is a good thing to have when running a website and in making sure that it runs smoothly. A reliable customer support reduces downtime which is one of the most common problems and issues with regards to web hosting. Additional services - Hostwinds also offer additional services like third-party SSL installs and domain transfer. The company also offers to increase the speed of websites through maximum performance and secure website data from some potential attacks.instant account set up and service upgrade - Hostwinds automatically sets up accounts including VPS once payment is received. And when the clients want to increase storage and bandwidth, they can easily upgrade their service by going to their local clients and process the upgrade. Once the request is submitted, it will automatically take effect.Hostwinds cons although Hostwinds provide a lot advantages to their service, there are also drawbacks when you decide to avail of their service. A fairly new company - Hostwinds was founded on 2010.FOr a web hosting company, this fairly recent. Some companies have started long before and have built a solid reputation of hosting websites. The risk of getting service from a new web hosting company is the possibility of company changes that could happen to make sure itll last long; and these changes could significantly affect the service they provide the client and ultimately the clients servers and websites. A new company also doesn't have the experience that older companies have. This could mean some features that other hosting companies have developed over time may not be available in young web hosting companies. Free trial not available - unlike most web hosting companies where they have Free trials, Hostwinds only has 60 day money back a business perspective, this not beneficial to the clients. The clients should have the most freedom they can get when they decide to avail a service from a web hosting company. A 60 day guarantee is good but a Free trial is better.

Recapitulation Of Hostwinds Review

Overall, Hostwinds is a good choice for a web hosting company. Although it is fairly new and there are risks that come with it, in terms of service, it is competitive. It's focus on excellent customer service and support set it apart from other companies.Hostwinds always makes sure that they can get the best possible solutions to their clients in the shortest amount of time. The company also has a pleasant culture and a very sound mission and promise. It's service types and service levels also set it apart from other hosting companies. You can get cheaper deals and still be happy with the features that go with it. And the freedom to update anytime and instantly is a very important factor to consider in choosing the right web hosting company. The company also has very reliable resources and secure facilities. It also gives clients who want venture into the web hosting business the best way to get started. It may not offer a Free trial service; it's guarantees sure do make up for it, with it's 99% uptime guarantee and 99% satisfaction guarantee. If you think you can gauge the web hosting companys reliability and quick support response within 60 days, then it is definitely worth a try. There are a lot of good web hosting companies out there that offer different service types and levels compared to Hostwinds but the company can compete with them. As more time passes, Hostwinds will undoubtedly improve and build a name for itself.
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