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Request, meet, and hire pre-qualified freelancers from the freeeup marketplace within I have business day. Freeeup interviews and vets hundreds of freelancers each week then gives businesses access to the top 1% of freelance applicants. Hire for 85+ business skill sets at hourly and fixed pricing from $5 to $75 per hour.

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Facebook reviews that are displayed on the FreeUP Facebook fanpage
  • Chad Rubin
    December, 06
  • Jeremy Weisz
    November, 06
  • Rich Silos Cruz
    June, 04
  • Angel Candelario
    November, 06
  • Jha Briones
    September, 04
  • Alex Paul Williams
    January, 01
  • Shaily Hakimian
    January, 01
  • Alex Nghiem
    January, 01
  • Beth Bell Jensen
    January, 01
  • Mickey Biancaniello
    March, 12
  • James Tristan Ruiz
    September, 11
  • Alexander Naistadt
    September, 11
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