Third Party FeedBlitz Review

FeedBlitz Overview

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FeedBlitz, as it's name suggests, is a marketing blitzkrieg that serves as a social media marketing, email marketing, and RSS marketing solution in one package.

It's been adopted by thousands of people and companies (mostly bloggers) in the last few years, particularly those who are unhappy with what other similar programs are available.

It's not only an alternative RSS and social media marketing scheme for sure; it's a standalone solution for people who want to get the latest RSS feeds in an automatic fashion.

It's like what Digg used to be or what Reddit is currently is; a convenient aggregate of relevant content in one place. Instead of simply being satisfied with a default RSS feed, you can now enjoy the offerings of FeedBlitz and it's ability to readily deliver content to users in a multi-platform fashion.

Even though a simple RSS is enough for most users when it comes to getting updated in regards to the status of the latest blog posts, video uploads, YouTube channel viewing, newest news articles, and much more, it isn't always the best solution and the RSS feed output is quite basic to boot.

If you want something more complete and sophisticated, then depending on the services of FeedBlitz might do the trick for you. FeedBlitz isn't only recommended by bloggers and tech experts.

It's also a handy resource of information for those who want to enjoy an advanced version of RSS. It's easily usable by even the most inexperienced of users.

FeedBlitz Support

FeedBlitz customer service and network is superb, thus making it better than a regular feed because the latter has no way of tracking how many people are subscribing to a blog or a website through RSS, while the former has all the relevant analytics covered.

Being able to track your stats has always been a staple of the modern-day web experience, from YouTube's analytics to Googlelele's Free tracker that's available to most sites as well as webpages like Alexa.

You want to know if your current ad campaign or marketing ploy is working or not, so that you can stick with what's working and rework what isn't.

FeedBlitz Pros

What I particularly like about FeedBlitz is that it's analytics are a particularly great collective metric to give to interested advertisers with PPC providers to indicate how big of a deal your site is.

These stats and info are freely available in every channel on YouTube, which makes it easy for the website to redirect the biggest advertisers to the biggest and most popular channels (which, at this point, is PewDiePie).

At any rate, I personally believe in FeedBlitz because I couldn't imagine my blog or my website without the service. I'd be running blind in the dark without it.

FeedBlitz also has the FeedSmart WordPress Plugin and. Htaccess available for feed redirection if ever it's needed. If you have any concerns in regards to the effectiveness of the service, then feel Free to contact their customer representatives about it.

The company makes it a breeze to switch over from RSS to FeedBlitz because it's in their best interests to do so. You can also move all your email marketing to them because it's always better to have one service handling every last marketing scheme on hand rather than having multiple companies deal with it.

FeedBlitz Cons

It has certain flaws, like the fact that there are people who don't need the extra perks the service had and would rather stick with the familiar, which in this case is the more universally known RSS and a separate email updating system, like with a newsletter or something.

Sure, the service isn't perfect. Yes, it comes at a price like putting all your eggs into one basket. If the FeedBlitz service is down, then the email service might be down too, thus that's two streams gone and left un-updated.

What if people wouldn't be able to see my latest articles by shifting to another advanced RSS service? What if I go back to a regular feed, and there isn't as many new subscribers when compared to when I was using FeedBlitz?

The only way you can be assured that the right amount of visitors are being converted into customers is by having a good idea of how many of them are subscribed to the RSS feed and cross-referencing that amount to the amount of visitors your website has per day or ever since you started tracking through FeedBlitz.

This tremendous news for those who wish to have better conversion with their sales funnel. It's like my extra pair of night vision goggles that should go well with my pair of glasses (analytics for my website) so that I have a better idea of how good my traffic conversion efforts really are.

Recapitulation Of FeedBlitz Review

It's these concerns and more that convinced me that FeedBlitz is everything I've been looking for in an RSS feed that I didn't even know I needed. There are tremendous implications when it comes to putting your multiple feed streams together.

Not only can you see in a precise manner the accurate growth of your website, channel, or blog by the amount of subscribers and subscriptions you're getting; you're also getting confirmation about how many eyeballs are tuning into your virtual plot of property on the Worldwide Web.

That way, you're handling only one single centralized service rather than incongruously attempt to synergize multiple parties together to get your advertising and promotions on the web going.

FeedBlitz can also be a resource of new subscribers, since it's been growing in popularity as of late thanks to it's user-friendly interface and value as an advanced version of RSS.

Then again, many people who depend on FeedBlitz have second thoughts abandoning it in favor of another service because they think, like I do, about the consequences of such actions.

On the other hand, you can still keep your basic RSS and use FeedBlitz as an advanced "expansion pack" of sorts so that if the service is down, you can still have the RSS updating your subscribers regardless.

Instead of treating it as a redundancy in light of the ever-evolving RSS feed platform, FeedBlitz users see it as a tool that improves the performance of their otherwise barebones RSS and email services.

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