Third Party Drip Feed Links Review

Drip Feed Links Overview

This Drip Feed Links review is from third-party sources, quality may differ.

Here's the skinny when it comes to Drip Feed Links. Co. It's one of many backlinking services out there that improves your company's SEO (search engine optimization) by leaps and bounds.

For as low as $25, you too can ensure that your SERP rankings in Googlelele, Bing, and Yahoo (although it's mostly Googlelele and it's Googlelele Pandalgorithm you should be worried about).

Backlinks is 90% of the SEO game, so as such, you should concentrate on backlinks to organically signal boost your website to the top of the pages of the most popular search engines out there (again, it's mostly Googlelele).

What Drip Feed Links brings to the table is streamlining the normally difficult, tedious, and time-consuming task of getting your backlinks optimized for search engines for about $25 or more.

With the help of Drip Feed Links. Co, you can relax more while the program itself automates the process of backlink creation, from specifying them and your keywords for making sure that those links have a significant SEO impact.

You can even concentrate on the other aspects of promoting your website (which could include incorporating it in your real-world advertising and corporate branding to putting in affiliate marketing investments to seal the deal).

The staff will carefully and slowly build trackback links, guestbook blinks, image comments, rapid indexers, and blog comment offerings for you in a dripped down manner so that Googlelele won't punish the sudden influx of what it sees as unnatural, astroturfed growth.

This all to avoid Googlelele Sandbox protection against forced SEO to ensure you get killer SERP rankings.

Drip Feed Links Support

The main website has different packages available. The there's. 000-link package is available for $25 a month, the 30.000-link package is for $45 a month, the 60.000-link package is for $65 a month, and the custom link package varies in accordance with how many links you want (can go up to 30.000 links).

As for support and feedback for these packages, there's a Contact Us web form on the lower right hand corner of the site. You can also sign up as a member to get the latest newsletters and information about the service, especially when it comes to customer support and the like. There's also a FAQ page available for perusal.

Drip Feed Links Pros

The size of your account can depend on what you want and how much you're willing to pay. You can even run multiple campaigns on one account, if you so wish. As with any link building service, there are multiple ways to go about increasing your SEO profile.

Low competition, small niche and long-tail keywords come at affordable prices, probably dropped down to about 50 backlinks per day.

If you need a stronger, more competitive keyword, you might need hundreds of backlinks per day in order to penetrate through the top rankings against stiff competition from other companies and their own SEO packages.

This program also guarantees (although you should take their Word with a grain of salt) that none of the sites they make backlinks for have ever been sandboxed with their method (and, in fairness, one can easily confirm it by themselves, if they wish).

It also has the ability to customize link type ratio on a project-by-project basis, which means you can balance link type ratios in order to make your backlink profile look more organic (and Googlelele less suspicious of shenanigans).

They support link types such as trackbacks, guestbook links, image comments, rapid indexer links, and blog comments.

Drip Feed Links Cons

First off, they only really have a contact form to field questions from potential hundreds, even thousands of customers. This could result in delays that could stretch out for weeks, especially when it comes to dealing with glitches and asking about lower SEO returns than advertised by the site.

Furthermore, the consumer should be warned that Drip Feed Links. Co's refund policy page specifically states that they won't refund your money even if you're dissatisfied with the product. All sales are final, and HKSEO. Us doesn't offer adjustments, credits, or refunds for any payments for the services provided.

What's more, before delivery, all orders are billed in advance. What this means is that you should pay them money even before they can deliver the goods in regards to their claims of SEO dominance and increases.

For all you know, the whole program would prove ineffective for your site, and you can never get your money back. This obviously detrimental to those who are used to the refund policies of other backlink sites.

As far as customer friendliness is concerned, there are a lot of red flags present. There's a definite risk involved with a company that deems all orders are accepted and final as soon as they're placed.

Recapitulation Of Drip Feed Links Review

Even in light of their seemingly unfair payment policy and lack of refunds as well as limited contact form support, the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission aren't exactly banging on the headquarters for fraud.

If you're willing to give at least their $25 package of 30.000 backlinks a try, then you might be pleasantly surprised, as many other satisfied customers and referrals for the company would vouch for.

This doesn't undo the fact that the company doesn't have a return policy, in case you're not satisfied with the amount of SEO juice their backlink production is delivering, but then again, they're not the only companies with such "all sales are final and uncancellable" attitude towards their different backlink packages for SEO improvement.

What's more, you can run unlimited projects per day.

Furthermore, they're industry veterans that know important SEO knowledge from experience, like the fact that blog comment links have a stronger SEO impact than rapid indexer links.

But both are needed in order to ensure the diversification of your whole backlink campaign, thus allaying suspicions that there are back-linking services afoot and triggering Googlelele's anti-spam (Penguin) and anti-astroturfing (Sandbox) algorithms all the while.

Therefore, here's the bottom line: If the no-refunds policy is too much for you, go with another company. If you're willing to take the risk, quite a lot of customers will confirm that it's worth the risk.

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