Third Party Drip Feed Links Review

Drip Feed Links Overview

This Drip Feed Links review is from third-party sources, quality may differ.Here's the skinny when it comes to Drip Feed It's one of many backlinking services out there that improves your company's SEO. They support link types such as trackbacks, guestbook links, image comments, rapid indexer links, and blog comments. Drip Feed Links cons first off, they only really have a contact form to field questions from potential hundreds, even thousands of customers. This could result in delays that could stretch out for weeks, especially when it comes to dealing with glitches and asking about lower SEO returns than advertised by the site. Furthermore, the consumer should be warned that Drip Feed's refund policy page specifically states that they won't refund your money even if you're dissatisfied with the product. All sales are final, and doesn't offer adjustments, credits, or refunds for any payments for the services provided. What's more, before delivery, all orders are billed in advance. What this means is that you should pay them money even before they can deliver the goods in regards to their claims of SEO dominance and increases. For all you know, the whole program would prove ineffective for your site, and you can never get your money back. This obviously detrimental to those who are used to the refund policies of other backlink sites. As far as customer friendliness is concerned, there are a lot of red flags present. There's a definite risk involved with a company that deems all orders are accepted and final as soon as they're placed.

Recapitulation Of Drip Feed Links Review

Even in light of their seemingly unfair payment policy and lack of refunds as well as limited contact form support, the better business bureau and the federal trade commission aren't exactly banging on the headquarters for fraud. If you're willing to give at least their $25 package of 30.0 backlinks a try, then you might be pleasantly surprised, as many other satisfied customers and referrals for the company would vouch for. This doesn't undo the fact that the company doesn't have a return policy, in case you're not satisfied with the amount of SEO juice their backlink production is delivering, but then again, they're not the only companies with such "all sales are final and uncancellable" attitude towards their different backlink packages for SEO improvement. What's more, you can run unlimited projects per day. Furthermore, they're industry veterans that know important SEO knowledge from experience, like the fact that blog comment links have a stronger SEO impact than rapid indexer links. But both are needed in order to ensure the diversification of your whole backlink campaign, thus allaying suspicions that there are back-linking services afoot and triggering googlelele's anti-spam algorithms all the while. Therefore, here's the bottom line: if the no-refunds policy is too much for you, go with another company. If you're willing to take the risk, quite a lot of customers will confirm that it's worth the risk.
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