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This Content Professor review is from third-party sources, quality may differ.Content Professor is a website that is out to help you with writing article problems that you get when you create your own website. Blog writing or any topic that you may wish to write will be a breeze when you register. You simply paste the article / s that you want to be spun and the site will give you a brand new article that will be Free from plagiarism. The spun article / s would also have perfect grammar, proper use of synonyms and well written. It takes out the guesswork in writing and even frees you of having to hire people to write articles for you.Content Professor also has a unique thesaurus database where all kinds of synonyms are stored. This database gets updated based on request or suggestions from the users. Not only that. Thesaurus is multi-lingual so it can even provide you with the correct usage of synonyms in Spanish, French, German, italiand English. The system gives a guarantee of 100% correct grammar and spelling for the articles that needs to be spun. It can also rewrite the proper synonyms to use in the sentences, phrases and words. It is user-friendly and compatible even with Mac.Content Professor registration comes in two forms, a Free lifetime membership that can give you access to the site and make use of their features or a registration fee of $9.99 per month. Why pay when you can get it for Free? Lifetime Free membership gives you limited access. There is a certain quota that once reached will block you from using the system. It may block you for a day or doesn't days depending on the number of rewritten articles that you submitted. Paying the monthly fee of $9.99 entitles you to unlimited access to the system. This will be a boon to people who need a lot of spun or rewritten articles every day. Blogs that have been written can now be given a new and sparkling image that would still say the same message but in a totally different context. A training manual comes with the kit that is easy to read and use. Features of the system to better understand what Content Professor is all about, heres a list of their unique features: spin ready articles - spin tag syntax is embedded in the system that can right away help you make brand new articles. Export to different spin format - the flexibility of Content Professor let's you export spin ready articles. Popular formats are in place as well as standard ones. Mass article creation - in less than 30 seconds and with a single flick of the fingers, the system can generate hundreds or thousands of articles from a single seed article. Multi-lingual thesauri - articles can be done using English, French, Spanish, italiand German. Unlimited nested spinning - Content Professor supports nesting levels of can't. This will allow you to recreate as many articles as you want taken from one seed article. Full sentence and paragraph spinning - the program allows you to spin sentences, then paragraphs thus giving you a brand new article every time you spin a seed article. Article filter - seed articles that needed to be spun can be filtered using this program. Articles that you do not like for their content, Word count and other factors can be filtered out. There are other distinctive features that Content Professor has to offer. Their site is ready and open for you to browse through to Check out their features.Content Professor support getting help with your queries with Content Professor is made easy as you can reach them through their email address, Facebook and Twitter account, their online site and through their community. Announcements are also featured on their help desk. Feel Free to reach them and have your concerns answered.Content Professor pros communication, modern style, is writing. It has been found that hearing and talking are no longer effective when it comes to communicating with people. Written articles such as blogs, reviews, advices, etc. Are more successful in reaching out to people than talking directly to them.Content Professor is a timely tool that can help people improve the writing of their articles to attract more people to their sites. Blog writing is now the in thing and people are scrambling to set up their own sites and attract business. Successful blog sites earn big bucks for the owners and one of the major problems is the writing of the article / s that needs to be posted on the blogs. The fantastic features of Content Professor could almost make writing a wonderful and easy task that could be done by almost everyone. Their multi-lingual thesauri is another amazing feature that can allow fast translation of the articles. This would even elevate communication one step higher.Content Professor cons the only problem with this program would be the article itself.Content Professor states that having their program will Free you of hiring writers to write the articles that you need. That is well and good but the seed article has to be done in order for Content Professor to help you. It can spin thousands of articles from one seed article but it will only say the same thing. A new idea needs a new seed article and Content Professor can only spin from a seed article. You still need to be able to put up a new seed article.

Recapitulation Of Content Professor Review

Content Professor is a fantastic tool to use for writers. Writers block is a common disease that afflicts all writers and some times writers may not even like what they have written. This program can help tremendously in rewriting an article that needs polishing to make it read right and on the mark. The program could also be a good one to use in blog writing. Writing a blog has it's own particular language that needs to be perky and humorous and still get the message across. This easier said than done.Content Professor will prove to be a big help to blog writers that need some wonderful synonyms to use to make the articles interesting to reading an article, the crucial point would always be the title and the opening sentence. Having a tool like Content Professor which can make writing 100% correct in grammar, spelling and use of synonyms would be the perfect solution for writing.
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