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This BuyProxies review is from third-party sources, quality may differ.Proxies are servers that let you access resources on the internet. There are two types of proxies: the open proxies and the reverse proxies. If you would like to have access to restricted web pages, you need to connect to a proxy server. The latter will give you access to the web page you wanted to see. For instance, schools, universities and campuses have to limit the students access to the internet. They have to create barriers so the students cannot access websites offering Free computer games. They also limit access to social media sites. School managements wanted to make sure that the computers in the library are used for educational purposes only. However, there are clever students who can access these restricted sites through the aid of proxies.proxies are both sold and given Free. The only problem with using Free proxies is that they expire easily. Some times they have been used several times by other users so it may no longer work. You can find Free proxies on Yahoo answers. There are people giving Free proxies to random users asking for return, they get Free traffic particularly if the users visit their webpage. Another way to get a valid, working proxy is through buying it from a third-party website. There are sites that sell proxies at a decent price. You get fresh proxies frequently. Thus, when your current proxy expires, you can get another proxy from the service. BuyProxies plans you have two options in buying proxies such as open proxy and reverse proxy. The most recommended type of proxy is the open proxy. Any internet user can have access to this special proxy. There are numerous open proxies available on the internet thus it is very popular among students. If you want to hide your IP address while using the internet, you can with this type of proxy. It gives you forward access to any part of the internet. This also widely used in companies limiting their employees to access their social mediaccounts through using the companys desktop computer. BuyProxies pros proxies actually works, Free or bought. You can use it to have easy access to restricted web pages and information on the internet. However, if you want a fresh, new working proxy every now and then, you will have to buy it. You will receive one before your current proxy expires. It is very easy to place an order. The entire transaction will be kept private. These proxies are managed by fast servers so you get uptime results.proxy servers guide their users throughout so you will never get lost using your proxy. With a reliable proxy in hand you get access to almost everything you need from the internet such as files, web pages and restricted Connection. A strong proxy can break the barrier. It is very effective at home, school or work. Another great advantage of proxies is it can protect your privacy. Anything going on is kept private by the proxy server while keeping your information anonymous. Everyone can use the proxy as long as he / she has access to it. Moreover, it helps monitor and filter the contents received by the some countries where there are high restrictions, they cannot access certain websites, the use of proxies is highly required. BuyProxies cons proxies can be very expensive. It can cost up to $150.0 a month. The cheapest you can get is $20 a month. However, your proxies are limited to hes while the 150-dollar proxy service can give you up to 100 http proxies. It means you can get fresh proxies daily. These packages are dedicated proxies. Semi-dedicated proxies are a bit cheaper yet still not decently priced. It can cost up to $75 a month which can be shared by up to three users only. The cheapest is $10 a month. It is quite risky too thus, make sure to buy from a reliable website. While many see proxies as very effective gateways to restricted sites, files and information on the internet, it also has some disadvantages. If you are a student trying to bypass restricted sites through the aid of proxies, you should know the consequences of being caught. For instance, computers in the library are strictly for educational use only. The same way goes with employees trying to play computer games online, watch live streaming or tinker their social mediaccounts during work hours. You can get suspended or worst terminated. Thus, use your proxies wisely to avoid getting into undesirable situations.

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Thousands of people are using proxies daily to get access to certain information restricted to them. It is a huge help especially in countries where certain sites are not available. By simply contacting a dedicated proxy server they can have access to it. More than breaking the barrier between restricted sites and giving a gateway to sites, files and other resources on the internet, proxies have different uses. There are special proxies that are used to monitor and filter information done on the internet. It can also restrict sites and other services available on the case the company need to censor unacceptable contents, they can use a proxy as well. It can be used to hide pornographic sites and gambling sites on the web, as well as protect children from human trafficking.proxies can be used to protect users from fraud and scam on the internet by creating a shopping protection. Pornographic photos, videos and offensive languages can be censored with the aid of a proxy. There are also proxies that has the power to retrieve lost data.proxies can be used as home security. It can help protect your children for the dangerous sites in the internet. You just have to install a special proxy that will monitor the log-in details which includes user names and passwords so you can use it for eavesdropping. It also help determine the sites your kids usually visit, as well as their downloads.
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