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  • Dakota
    January, 14
  • Brice
    November, 15
  • Beverly
    September, 02
  • Ginger Howard
    August, 15
  • Richie Mccloud
    June, 03
  • Alice Alexander
    May, 25
  • Crystal
    January, 18
  • Rob Burden
    January, 16
  • Brandon
    March, 01
  • Molly
    February, 13
  • Douglas
    September, 28
  • Mercedez
    September, 20
  • Kathryne Crouch
    June, 21
  • Shivanshnew
    April, 17
  • Despina
    March, 29
  • Tyree
    March, 22
  • Felicia Santos
    February, 13
  • Alexia
    January, 19
  • Macy
    December, 25
  • Mahava Kamal
    December, 22
  • Colton Horan
    October, 24
  • Andra Colley
    September, 25
  • Alan
    September, 07
  • Tina
    May, 07
  • Maud
    November, 24
  • Shoshana Bundy
    November, 10
  • Wm Steele
    October, 23
  • Columbus Basham
    October, 13
  • Imran
    September, 25
  • Ike
    September, 21
  • Richard
    September, 10
  • Marc Norris
    June, 16
  • Deborah Morris
    May, 04
  • Johnny Simmons
    April, 24
  • Carmella
    April, 17
  • Tessie
    March, 03
  • Taryn
    February, 01
  • Peeyush Acharekar
    January, 16
  • Andreas
    November, 24
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Learn more about Deribit

Deribit Fees & Costs

Futures Fees

When exchanging / trading with Deribit cryptocurrency exchange, then there are different fees for maker and taker. Maker enjoy 0.02% fees and taker 0.05% fees. Compare to other exchanges, Deribit delivers very competitive rates.

Maker Rebate: 0.02% & Taker Fee: 0.05%
Options Fees

When it comes to trading options with Deribit, then the fees can never be higher than 20% of the price of the option. Average fee per contract is 0.0004 BTC/option.

0.04% of underlying or 0.0004 BTC/option contract
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Advantages of Deribit

  • Futures TradingEnjoy margin trading on Bitcoin futures. No dollars deposits required, clean user friendly interface and a lot of trading tools. You can trade futures with up to 20x leverage.
  • Options TradingDeribit belongs to most advanced options trading platform when it comes to cryptocurrency world. You can trade options with up to 10x leverage.
  • Huge LeverageEnjoy up to 20x leverage with Futures trading and up to 10x with Options trading. Together with huge volume, it makes it very great choice for all kind of traders.
  • SecurityAll your deposits (90%) are stored in safe cold wallets and rest 10% are covered by Deribit insurance. Also when it comes to account security, you can choose from multiple acccount security mechanisms like Google Authenticator or email verification.
  • Small FeesDeribit takes very small fees compare with other cryptocurrency exchanges / trading platforms. For futures trading it's just between 0.02 - 0.05% and for options trading is around 0.04%.
  • partner programBegin advertising Deribit and make Recieve commissions from all fees generated by your referrals - other details in referral section.
  • Deribit is a popular optionOne of the very best options from cryptocurrency exchanges category. And the interest is rising.
  • 24-Hour SupportConnect with Deribit support crew using email
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Deribit partner program

Partner Program Description

Promote Deribit - very unique options and futures cryptocurrency exchange and earn sweet passive income from fees generated by your referrals.


Revenue sharing - Up to 20% from referrals fees.

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