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    December, 26
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Affgadgets Team Reviewing Coincheck


Coincheck is one of the biggest Japanese cryptocurrency exchange that allows foreigners to actually register and trade with JPY pairs and with all mayor cryptcurrencies at this time.


When it comes to the dashboard or to the "app" - the interface is pretty straightforward and very easy to use and navigate through. Together with english support, very progressive API and brilliant security - it makes it leading Japan cryptocurrency exchange at this moment.


The verification of your account takes a while before you will be actually able to trade with them. Some users report even one week of waiting and that huge minus for cryptocurrency world where everything is happening so fast.


When it comes to our verdict, Coincheck seems like really great Japan crypto exchange - specially for expats living in Japan as they have also english dashboard and support available at this moment.

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Coincheck Features

  • Coincheck ExchangeCoincheck belongs to one of the top crypto exchanges in Asia. You can exchange & trade with the most popular cryptocurrencies at this moment.
  • Coincheck PaymentsAccept bitcoin with your business very easily with Coincheck payment gateway without any initial cost.
  • Coincheck LendingYou can earn 5% annually if you decide to lend your cryptocurrencies to Coincheck. Perfect solution for long-term investors that want to HOLD.
  • referral programStart promoting Coincheck and receive Up to 23,000JPY per referral - further info in partner section.
  • Incredibly PopularCoincheck is very popular in cryptocurrency exchanges category. And the popularity is moving up.
  • 24/7/365 SupportTalk to Coincheck help group using email
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Coincheck referral program

Partner Program Description

Recieve up to 23,000JPY for each active referral that you will successfully recommend to Coincheck cryptocurrency exchange.

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