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ClickMagick is the next-generation click tracker, rotator and link manager guaranteed to make every click more profitable.

ClickMagick starts from $12.00 per month and has an active affiliate program.

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  • Azalee
    January, 26
  • David Perry
    November, 14
  • Ramon Miller
    October, 26
  • Tennie
    October, 22
  • Drew
    September, 27
  • Cheyenne
    September, 11
  • John
    July, 29
  • Catina
    May, 23
  • Sherri Haynes
    May, 22
  • Antonina
    March, 29
  • Rebekkah T.
    October, 10
  • Tristan
    October, 07
  • Daksh Sinha
    July, 31
  • Deandra
    May, 06
  • Lillian Diaz
    April, 26
  • Asha Nandi
    April, 26
  • America
    April, 22
  • Thomas
    April, 21
  • Tegan
    January, 05
  • Crystal Burns
    December, 22
  • Keenan
    November, 03
  • Amiee
    May, 02
  • Roger Barnes
    March, 13
  • Bryant
    March, 12
  • Roodra Mahanta
    March, 09
  • Alice Alexander
    February, 03
  • Blanca
    January, 29
  • Missy
    December, 16
  • Myrta
    December, 11
  • Trey
    November, 13
  • Sherice Beaulieu
    October, 29
  • Aurelio
    October, 22
  • Nina Webb
    October, 14
  • Avery
    August, 30
  • Mercy
    June, 07
  • Brittani
    May, 15
  • Hana
    May, 12
  • Adriane
    April, 20
  • Sula
    January, 24
  • Adele
    November, 23
  • Antoinette Abbott
    February, 04
  • Emil
    October, 10
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ClickMagick Pricing

Starter Plan

The cheapest plan of ClickMagick - it comes with tracking for up p to 10.000 clicks per month with 2 custom tracking domains and with all core features.

$17 / monthly (30% discount with a yearly plan)
Standard Plan

The most popular plan comes with tracking for up p to 100.000 clicks per month with 10 custom tracking domains and with all core features plus you can also track organic / SEO traffic.

$47 / monthly (30% discount with a yearly plan)
Pro Plan

The Pro Plan is made for agencies and very serious internet marketers. It comes with tracking for up p to 1.000.000 clicks per month with unlimited custom tracking domains and with all core features plus you can also track organic / SEO traffic.

$97 / monthly (30% discount with a yearly plan)
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Why ClickMagick?

  • Automatic Split-Test ClickMagick proprietary algorithm will do all the hard work for you. You will be automatically noticed when their algorithm discover the split-test winner.
  • The MagickPop Capture leads from your visitors through delayed popups or ext traffic popups. Normally you will have to pay for independent, but now it's included in ClickMagick core features.
  • Countdowns Increase your conversion rates with Scarcity tactic. Now you can add countdown timers to any website.
  • And many moreYou will also have the opportunity to skyrocket your business with advanced retargeting, geotargeting, content locking and everything is hosted on Google engine, so you can be sure that you will get the highest speed possible.
  • ClickMagick AgreementClickMagick link tracking offers 14 days free trial without any commitment.
  • partner programBegin promoting ClickMagick in order to get 100% of first month + 50% recurring - further information in referral section.
  • 24-Hour AssistanceGet in touch with ClickMagick support staff by email or phone
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ClickMagick partner program

Partner Program Description
ClickMagick affiliate program offers you to earn up to 35% of referred sales (plus 100% of the first month) from your customers.
Starts at $12.00 per
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Contact ClickMagick Support
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