Third Party YepText Review

YepText Overview

If you want to market your products and services, then why not try out text message marketing offerings like those offered by YepText? The site features an easy method of targeting and penetrating the mobile phone user market by going the text message or SMS route.

It's an easy to grasp, implement, and execute type of deal. This might become your go-to service when it comes to staying connected with your friends, followers, and customers through texting.

It adds a dimension of interaction with your marketing, the kind that's enjoyed by social media marketers, only this time you'll be doing most of your interaction with the mobile phone demographic. This is a natural progression seeing that smartphones have transformed the phone into a must-have device for all households.

Nearly everyone at this point has a cellphone. Ergo, if you want to instantly reach your customers and advertise your services as well as have a dialog with them ranging from arranging events to troubleshooting, then few other methods of marketing can compare to the instantaneous reach that YepText and text message marketing has.

It's also uncomplicated to use as well. If you've ever owned a cellphone or a computer, then you'll know how to make use of the YepText service to your advantage. Texting is used by many a mobile phone user (more so than calling) to stay connected with friends and family.

Plus they even get subscribed to newsletters and whatnot in order to learn about the latest promos currently available for a given period.

YepText Support

The support page for has a map that allows you to get to the YepText headquarters (incidentally, it's 10866 Washington Blvd. # 320, Culver City, CA 90232) as well as a "Contact Us" web form wherein you can input your email, first and last name, phone number, and message in case you have any questions, concerns, issues, comments, and suggestions you want to deliver to the site.

If you wish for a faster turnaround for your message (especially if it's an immediate concern), you can email at You can also call them at 1-800-918-1891. Ironically enough, you can't text them.

YepText Pros

Texting or mobile marketing was the main way for companies to stay connected to their mobile followers and customers outside of social media networking (that is, until smartphones became advanced enough to allow you to browse the net, thus there's now an intersect between mobile marketing and Internet marketing).

Now, you can go the next level of interaction with your clients without having to spend an arm and a leg deploying a mobile marketing campaign. YepText is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get a message or an advertisement for products and services across without even depending on the Internet for message delivery.

If you're a local business, an organizer of parties and events as well as performances and speaking engagements, or a head of organizations or schools, then you can utilize the marketing and mass communication offerings of at your behest.

As a local business, YepText's offerings are quite tempting to get since there are 219 million cellular phone users in the United States alone, plus 97% of all text messages sent are read.

Therefore, if you wish to get a piece of the action and a slice of that market pie, then YepText's affordable mass texting services for iPhone, Android, and various other devices should be availed of.

YepText Cons

The most questionable thing about YepText doesn't have to do with the quality of its services, but the viability of text marketing itself. Is it a reasonably priced and sustainable way to promote your goods? Or is it a gimmicky new method of promotion that will die out as quickly as email marketing thanks to how averse everyone is when it comes to the concept of spam.

Just because it's text message, it doesn't mean it won't suffer from the drawbacks of email. SMS has become efficient enough to let you know who is talking and who is replying as well as advanced enough to include images and attachments in each message.

With that in mind, there are now spam folders for your SMS inbox as well as methods of blocking numbers delivering unsolicited text, thus your text campaign could very well be ignored by the people you're targeting if you're not careful with how you deliver your message to them.

Also, on the FAQ portion of YepText, the site admits that text messages that have not been received by the intended recipient will still be charged to you, thus you might end up paying for "nothing" or unsent messages that your leads or would-be customers would never see. To quote them, it's "beyond" their "control".

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