Third Party WPNow Review

WPNow Overview

Wordpress is the leading software used right now by bloggers and web designers. There are several wordpress service providers that give amazing techniques and plug ins that make your websites stunning as it already is.

Making your website a cut above the rest, is very possible now with the advent of brilliant plug ins and theme creators and designers.

WPNow offers a wide array of themes perfect for the needs of your website. As they would always say, first impressions usually last, and it may determine the amount of sales, or subscriptions you are going to have.

They are a premium site for wordpress theme designs and creation studio. The crew, developers and creators are amazingly talented and they have the best crème of the crop professional WP pre made plug ins and themes online.

Pros and Cons of WPNow

They also welcome fresh artists who have brilliant ideas for themes and creations. These are just some stunning themes that they offer online:

  • Gaming themes - If your website is dedicated to the gaming industry, a strong, high definition theme is perfect for you Gamers have a very keen eye on details, graphics and animations.

    This should be the core of your site. It should catch the attention of every gamer and thus increase your traffic and monetization, The theme allows the switch of two distinct colors the dark and the light color schemes, so it can highlight the characters and the story behind it.

    The colors fit perfectly in an advance and stunning gaming site.

  • Travel Theme - Catch the beauty of every destination you have been to, the excitement and the culture you have immersed in. The travel theme, also known as the boardwalk theme, literally catches the eye of every traveler at heart.

    They cater all kinds if traveler sites, for companies, bloggers, personal sites and travel lovers. The theme is definitely widget ready, and has a customized weather feed in it.

  • Magazine type styling themes - For the style enthusiasts, this theme also called the Elements WP design gives you that feeling of being festive and stylish at the same time. It is featured with bright colors, and high definition images. The scheme definitely brings out your stylish edge.

  • Vintage themes - Also called the Vintmint design, it has a fresh vintage look for that fresh blogs. The whole feel of the site is cool and classic, with its features and cool codings that are also modern and one of a kind.

    There is elegance and a feel of grungy in the design, that will make your personal portfolio or your blog become an amazing artistic creation.

  • Business Themes - A sleek, clean, elegant theme that will definitely wow you and your prospects and clients as they visit your website. The clear high def lines and strong icons and widgets will leave a happy face to your visitors.

  • Huex Theme - The theme has become one of the hottest releases that WPnow created. With its installation, there is a ready customizable five color scheme and a custom back end control panel. It gives a very professional feel to the website, keeping it clean and sleek.


    his is very applicable for serious non feature websites that cater or render professional services online.

  • Elegant Theme - Also called the Modesto design, its elegance and simplicity will definitely highlight your website’s company. The whole feel is stunning that leaves audience in awe.

    This is most applicable to those bloggers who have a certain ease with simplicity but impactful sites. The theme does not overpower the goal of the site, but there is still an essence of artistry in it.

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