Third Party WP Traffic Review

WP Traffic Overview

You were very excited when you got your first blog. You would have to constantly post everyday and make sure that the social bookmarking sites knew about your posts. You did it every day, probably in the first few months because of your excitement.

Then, you just have to do something else, days became weeks, weeks became months, and those who subscribed to that first blog now wonder if it is going to be updated again.

Isn’t it draining, that it can actually consume so much of your time, not to mention notifying social book marking sites and there are a lot of them, technically thousands of them. By this time, all your attention is going to other things already, visitors were left hanging.

What if there’s a wordpress plug in that can actually take care of the updating for you? more like your virtual secretary. This time you won’t be worried about your blog anymore by everyday visiting the social media bookmarking sites every time you create a post.

All the dirty work, like the posting, and promotion is going to be done for you automatically. This is just a solution for any blogger problem. Check the product at . In the package there are two complete plug ins that function together seamlessly to manage, optimize, monitor and monetize your blog.

Pros and Cons of WP Traffic

Sometimes bloggers would hire extra hands for the articles, or someone who can manage the blog site. This you won’t be needing these extra hands again with these two powerful plug ins.

You don’t really have to manually post the blog , it will automatically SEO the content, and definitely schedule it, taking it on autopilot, therefore monetizing your blog for you. It can also create a niche site for all the PLR articles, and these sites will go on autopilot based on the specific content that you will provide.<

You can pre do the articles, and add as much blog works as possible, then you can hyperlink them automatically, and SEO them automatically too. You can pre set the articles when you want to publish them, then automatically it will just follow your pre set times.

You can also do backdating of the contents. The contents an also be categorized based on your specifications, and the plug in automatically tags the keywords relevant to the article, so search engines can automatically recognize your content.

The system automatically hyperlink keywords in the articles to any link of your choosing and all of these on autopilot mode. You can also pre set the poster pro how many times or how often it can do the posting all at once.

The mass import feature, can automatically keep blogs in line and on queue to be published, you can preset this in months and even years. Now, that is a lot of headaches one in a jiffy. You can also manually choose an article you want to be posted, even if they are already on queue.

Recapitulation Of WP Traffic Review

There are a lot of social bookmarking sites, thousands of them actually, you can never submit that to all 1000 of them, so the plug in does the socialization for you. Not too shabby. Automatically submitting your blogs to more than forty (40) social bookmarking services.

Bookmarking sites lay an important role in the lives of bloggers, millions of people use them on a day to day basis to find relevant information personally reviewed by humans and not robots.

f you typically miss posting your blog on them, and fail in presenting the content you made, then literally you will miss out on all that traffic that grows really fast.

The plug in does the dirty work for you, it automatically sends you articles to these bookmarking sites, so it becomes available in the market for traffic. It will only tap random samples of the sites for each of your article, so you won’t be spammed. It’s simple and really smart if you think about it.

The plug in partnered with ‘onlywire’ services so it’s going to be worry free regarding the submissions that doesn’t work like with all the other plug ins. Traffic is there even if you did not lift a single finger.

It’s a real effortless automatic machine that does all the dirty work for you. Definitely makes blogging easier and much more profitable for you!

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