Third Party WP Rapid Ranker Review

WP Rapid Ranker Overview

One of the many struggles that online marketers are facing right now, is getting that coveted page one in the rankings in google, and getting better traffic and conversions as well. Some marketers work pretty hard and get so little, and most of them are actually missing out on traffic and profits as well.

The goal of every online marketer is to get great rankings and of course more sales at the same time. Some website owners does to even know what they are actually missing out, and does really know why their website is not getting better traffic and better sales as well.

Some focus on keywords and backlinks, but there are more reasons why it does not really happen, though keywords and backlinks are also extremely important, they don’t actually have all the reasons why you are not getting the traffic and sales that you really want.

Almost all websites or 99 per cent of the sites are actually missing out one essential step to success, and it is actually your site’s loading speed. This is actually a problem that is very easy to fix.

It is important that online marketers know that google loves speed, and they actually give ranking advantages to pages that actually load faster than any sites.

Always remember that your visitors would not want to wait, they have better things to do. The goal is to never let the visitors hit the back button.

WP Rapid Ranker Support

Sometimes it doesn't really matter how fantastic the products can be, or the content is, if in the first place it does not rank pretty well because it is loading very slow. Professional looks of the site won’t help as well because it won’t be seen fast because it still loads pretty slow.

Slow loading page will definitely kill your traffic in no time. Every second delay that your site is having is a loss in sales. Amazon alone has 7 per cent less in sales every second of loading is delayed. That is actually loads amount of money lost because of the delayed loading capacity of the website.

The simple plug in called the Rapid ranker will actually make loading turbo charged. Your SEO for the first page of google rankings will actually become clearer as your sales will increase by over 16,000 US dollars every single year.

All you really have to do is to install the Rapid Ranker at an affordable cost. You can also install the Rapid Ranker on all your wordPress sites. You can also install it in your client’s website as well without any restrictions at all.

You can even sell your website to any merchant with the plug in already installed in it.

WP Rapid Ranker Pros

It is definitely real that it has been such a trend when websites almost always lose traffic because of the delay in the loading of the site. It is also very true that Google has always been making it clear that it loves faster loading sites, and it is actually making better rankings in the search engines as well.

The plug in gives a great boost for your site in order for it to load faster, and work flawlessly as well. The plug in can literally speed up your speed in just less than 3 minutes. This actually gives you the edge amongst all the other competing sites.

It does not even need technical expertise in order to make it run better, and according to the promotion, you can now start reaping already after 3 minutes. There are also several case studies that definitely would prove that the plug in works pretty well.

You can literally see real world conversion gains and an increase in the loading speed. Aside from that, you can also install the plug in on all of your own WordPress sites, and you can even make pretty good sales, and sell your website to merchants with the Rapid Ranker already installed in it.

WP Rapid Ranker Cons

There are still several ways to increase the speed of the website aside from spending for a plug in.

The cost is pretty much affordable as you can actually install it to as many sites as you want, and you can even create and sell websites with it already installed in the site, making the website much more saleable.

Technical skills are also not a problem when it comes to installing the plug in, making it easier for anyone who does not have any technical skills at all. You can have the plug in running in less than 3 minutes.

A trial version would also be a lot of help for those people who would want to have it tried before buying the whole plug in, this can make the other website owners decide better.

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