Third Party WP Lead Rocket Review

WP Lead Rocket Overview

Internet marketing covers a broad area of where you can get your earnings. Some of these areas include SEO, Affiliate Marketing, PPC Ads, Social Media, Digital or Physical Product Creation, and Software Development.

You might prefer one or two over others but what is common among all of these areas is that they need a list in order for them to work. You need to have contact information about the people that you will be inviting or offering a particular product.

There are different ways in building a list and one of them is by using a squeeze page.

A squeeze page allows the gathering of the user information and automatic subscription quick and efficient. WP Lead Rocket is plugin that allows you to create squeeze pages and build a solid list for you online marketing methods.

From the name, it is a WordPress plugin that presents you with over 20 templates for squeeze pages. These pages are responsive so they work well with mobile devices.

The predesigned templates are created with high quality and works with different list building applications like Office Autopilot, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, Aweber, Constant Contact, Arpreach, and 1Shopping Cart.

One you decide to invest in WP Lead Rocket, you will be enjoying bonuses that will come in free.

  • Bonus #1 - One of the bonuses is a list building workshop. You will be given the opportunity to learn how to properly build a list.
  • Bonus #2 - You will be getting a 31 day guide on how grow your list.
  • Bonus #3 - Your order will be upgraded to unlimited developer’s license so that the plugin will be installed on unlimited number of WordPress sites.

WP Lead Rocket Support

Aside from the bonuses and the templates that will be made available, commercial rights will also be given provided for all the images that can be used in making the squeeze pages. These images are valued at around $500 each.

The bonuses are also valued around $3,000 dollar. But all these things come in free and the only thing you need to pay when you decide to take advantage of this list building plugin is $49.00. This price is said to be offered for a limited time only.

Once the plugin has been purchased, it would take as fast as three minutes to set up it up and start building a list for your internet market.

WP Lead Rocket Pros

The pros in getting WP Lead Rocket as your list building plugin are:

  • Responsive squeeze pages - One of the qualities of a good webpage is that it has to be responsive. A lot of people are now turning to mobile devices when browsing since it’s more convenient and the device can be brought anywhere.
    A squeeze page needs to work both in desktop mode and in mobile mode.
  • No need for programming and html knowledge - Since the squeeze pages are already laid out in templates, you don’t need to have html knowledge and website developing skills.
  • Pre-made squeeze pages to use - You don’t have to spend so much time before you can put up a squeeze page and building the list.
  • Squeeze pages work with videos - Videos can also be added to the pages to make it more interesting and inviting.
  • Integrates with WordPress themes - There are no compatibility issues with the themes since it is a plugin.

WP Lead Rocket Cons

The downsides in getting the plugin include:

  • Requires a WordPress based website - If you don’t have a WordPress site, then you will not be able to use the plugin. You also need to know the basic functions of the web hosting site.
  • Less freedom in creating the squeeze page - Web designers will have little use of the plugin if they wish to create everything themselves. The only feature that they might benefit is the integration with the list building applications.
  • Templates are not unique - Since the pages are made from templates, there is the possibility that people would become familiar with the particular template that has been used for another squeeze page before.
    There are 20 different templates that can be used but there are going to most preferred ones which will be commonly used.
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