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Having an interactive, active and an interesting blog site does not only mean, you should have the best and most interesting topics in the world.

Operating your own website and ensuring that you have consistent traffic also mean you should have a website that offers the best services and the overall feel of your website should be working too to get that traffic you want.

WordPress is a relatively free blogging tool that is also open source, meaning everybody can work on it. Everything you see in a website is created through the platform of wordpress. If you are currently a blogger, you have definitely worked on wordpress in one way or another.

It has devolved from a single bit, to becoming a content management system (CMS). It allows plug ins in its platform to improve the look and over all feel of the site.

Plug ins play an important role in the creation of the website. The creator has an artistic freedom in creating the site. From the website’s theme, to it cursors and widgets, to its promotional activities, plug ins create activity and interaction between the people and the creator.

Having a blog typically is a business, so as much as possible, you want more traffic, more clicks and more activity in your site. Plug ins play an important role in bringing your web site to the next level.

What are the advantages of putting interactive plug ins in your website? Aside from giving it life and interaction, there are plug in creators that give extraordinary services for the creator. These are some of the things that you might want to have in your site.

Pros and Cons of WP Hercules

WP Hercules provides these amazing services for your site:

  • No Skill needed – Before we continue on the specific add ons that you can put on your website, let us make it clear that even a newbie blog owner can do this without the help of an expert programmer nor a graphic designer.

    The installation of the needed plug ins are so easy, you don’t have to have an expert background in programming or even graphic designing skill. They can put List building Opt-in Pages including Money making sales pages in just a few clicks.

  • Embedded Videos in your blog site – Having a video on your website will keep it much more interesting and interactive for your visitors. It gives a special touch to the service you want to provide, or to the idea you want to give them.

    You can use auto play or not.

    Embed videos can be sourced from YouTube, Amazon s3 or even created in your own domain with the help of web hosting.

  • Social media sharing Icons – If your site is shared in the social media through the icons in the blog site, you will definitely increase traffic, thus cashing in.

    It’s all about proper networking, and getting known in the cyber world, and lately, social media have been playing a huge part in getting your work to people.

    Through the social media platform, we get to penetrate more markets, and introduce your unique site.

  • Bulleted Lists – You can add on Lists that is important, and has to be emphasized in your site, these lists can now be bulleted and you can use artistic quality bullets with it.

  • Customizable Testimonials and Guarantee Certificates – Your page testimonials are very important, it should be highlighted very well, and this will determine your prospects probability for buying, going back to your site, or subscribing.

    Your guarantee certificate will provide trust and tremendous sales to your website, it should customizable, and should also be one of the most highlighted parts of the blog.

  • Quality Artistic Page and Section Dividers and other Icons – This will add to professionalism to your website, this is like saying, ‘you have to take me seriously and subscribe!’ The high quality unique icons should be highlighted too, including the custom boxes and buttons on your site.

Recapitulation Of WP Hercules Review

The pages should be responsive, and should look the same whatever device the user is using. It should look awesome in laptops, smartphones and personal computers.

It also has a delayed content technology that lets you include timed events like the buy buttons, or the coupons or on anything else that you want to apply it into.

The point and click admin also allows you to make necessary revisions in the settings in just a few clicks, no expertise required. There are a lot of choices for the overall look and feel of your site such as fonts, faces, different styles, the colors and more.

Creating custom boxes and buttons too and dramatically increase the overall look of your site, you can even clone the look of one site and automatically have it in just one click.

They also offer a technology that can monitor and control visitor flow in your site from landing to sales pages that are opt in and in whatever page or site you want them to be.

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