Third Party WP Coupon Generator Review

WP Coupon Generator Overview

It was the year 2003, when wordpress was created with a single bit code just to increase the efficiency in terms of its typography, it has very less users, ever since then, it has grown and became the biggest blogging tool that is self- hosted in the world.

It is used by millions and millions of sites and is seen by millions and millions of web visitors every single day.

It just started as a blogging tool, and now it has evolved and became web site content management system and can now work with a lot of plug ins, small widgets and beautiful themes in its platform.

Literally, your imagination is only the limit when you use wordpress. It once started as b2/cafelog and grew into a more user friendly word press with its goal to have an elegant very architectures highly personalized publishing system. It has become a mature and well developed product.

Word press is a platform that is open, meaning anybody can work on it, everything you see in a website, from content, to the design, theme and so on, is made possible through wordpress.

It is definitely for free, whether you want to create small site or a huge Fortune 500 website without paying anyone a license fee and some other freedoms you can do with it.

Pros and Cons of WP Coupon Generator

If you are a blogger, and you operate your own site, most likely, you use a wordpress. Wordpress is a blogging tool that is relatively free that is open source and is a system for content management (CMS).

It is relatively based on MySQL and PHP. Wordpress allows plug in, it has a pre determined architecture and a system that has a template for plug ins. As of January 2015, wordpress was used by over more than 20 percent of the top 10 million web sites.

It is safe to say that it is the most popular amongst the blogging systems used in the world wide web, and to think there are more than 60 million websites.

There are a lot of plug ins available in the market, from theme plug ins, to cursor plug ins, coupons and so on. There are plug ins that offer great opportunities for improvement in your blog site or web site.

Putting coupons will increase the probability of your web site’s earning potential. By putting this plug-in in your system, you can:

  1. Create your own coupons and Manage them Yourself - You can design you own coupon, and use it in your website, the creative freedom is given to the owner of the website. Your imagination is your limit. You can create promotions and prizes using the coupons.

    You can even create unlimited coupons and promote your heart out, to increase the traffic in your website, thus bringing in cash to your wallet. You can create them, manage them in your own wordpress admin.

  2. The coupons are interactive - There is a cute group on style countdown n your coupons, displaying the number of available coupons and of course the expiration date.

  3. Amazing Coupons Widget - You can move the coupon anywhere around the website, drag and drop it to the side bar just like any other widget in the Wordpress platform.

  4. The coupons are customizable - For that lively and eye catching coupons it has eight different color designs. You can change the design anytime, change its look and feel at the same time. There is an artistic freedom for the user.

  5. Short-Code coupons - You can insert your coupon in any post or page in your website by using the WP Coupon Generator short code.

  6. Translation - Without any technical knowledge, the language of the coupons can be changed anytime. It has multi lingual capabilities. The coupons buttons and messages can be changed anytime.

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