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Unichange.me virtual currency exchange allows you to exchange your virtual money with uncommon exchanges. Nowadays Unichange.me is mostly used for Bitcoin exchanging as you can easily send Bitcoins to your Paypal account.


When it comes to advantages of Unichange exchange, then the first should be that they have pretty clear and easy interface. It is actually pretty easy to send and recieve money with them. You can also cover all your expenses with your personal Bitcoin debit card.


For not so popular currency pairs there is huge spread and high fees. Potential investors should be aware of that.


Even if Unichange has a little big higher fees, it still have its own placec in crypto market. Their virtual debit card and Paypal support is huge reason why a lot of traders are joining this network.

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Unichange.me Unichange.me Features

  • Bitcoin Debit CardEasily pay with your Bitcoins debit card from Unichange.me - fees range between 1-2.5% and it's perfect solution for all crypto geeks and webmasters that accepts cryptocurrencies.
  • Virtual ExchangeUnichange.me virtual exchange allows you to exchange money with all kind of exchanges. For example Bitcoin to Alipay and much more.
  • Paypal!Do you want to sell Bitcoins and recieve money to your Paypal ? Now you can with Unichange exchange and fees are not so high as you can expect.
  • referral program Start marketing Unichange.me and collect Up to 20% commissions from referral's fees - extra informations in partner section.
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Unichange.me Informations

  • 0 reviews
  • Free to register
  • In-House network
  • Up to 20% commissions from referral's fees
  • established in 2009
  • referral program
  • 0 votes
  • Currency Exchanges
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Unichange.me referral program

Recieve up to 20% commissions from all your referral's fees (10-20% commissions depends on the total amount of commissions).

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