Editor's Ulead Pro Review

Ulead Pro is a lead generation software designed to target your audience better within Facebook. One of the most important aspects of marketing, whether it’s on the Internet or elsewhere, is targeting your audience and finding the right niche or portion of the market pie.

With Ulead Pro, you can do just that with the program’s Facebook Graph Search that lets you find new customers and entice them to follow your Facebook account or fan page at the click of a button.

This application is renowned and vouched for as effective by many a marketing expert. If you want your sales funnel to grow to F5 hurricane proportions, then Ulead Pro is your best bet in collecting qualified sales leads for your company that you can easily convert at the bottleneck of the sales funnel into actual, paying customers.

Does it sound too good to be true? Actually, it’s a lot simpler than you think. Ulead Pro Version 4.3 is like a technological marvel akin to the microwave or the automobile.

It sounds too good to be true to have a minute-long cooking and horseless, self-powered carriages, but they do exist and they do streamline life in more ways than one.

Ulead Pro is something you can arm your business with in order to use the categorized and publicly available profiles on Facebook to find the right market segment and aim at only the people most likely to buy whatever product or service you have, thus ensuring that when everything is said and done, you’d have a bigger conversion rate.

Ulead Pro Support

The landing page for Ulead Pro comes complete with an email that will field and answer all your frequently asked questions, comments, complaints, and suggestions post-haste.

In your quest to target the most relevant customers, you might encounter glitches or queries not covered by the main landing page’s pitch, so you can go and email yossi@ulead.pro in order to learn more about the program.

Unfortunately, that’s all you get. You can’t use an online web form or a live chat feature to contact anyone, you instead have to make do with an email and wait for a response from them through that one address. In fairness, it has a money-back guarantee.

Ulead Pro Pros

For only $57, you can get your own Ulead Pro software and its powerful graph search capabilities that the site claims provide you with up to three times more quality leads since you’re specifically searching and targeting profiles that meet a specific demographic.

The Facebook scraper can leverage your business through three steps: First, by extracting custom audiences; second, by uploading your Facebook Campaign; third, by collecting the resulting leads. It’s the program that turns Facebook into a veritable buffet of potential customers that you can easily search like when using Google.

You can specify the age, gender, job, region, marital status, and so on and so forth.

Another way to target your most relevant customers is by reaching out to members of open and closed groups, which you can totally do with the help of Ulead.

There are no barriers that can’t be crossed when finding and generating leads through this Facebook search and graphing program, whether you’re doing your searches for the sake of marketing research or improving your current marketing plan.

You can also reach people who are a friend of a friend of yours, users of a specific career path or job as well as employment position and current employer, users who check-in at certain places (even the stores of your competitors), and so forth.

Ulead Pro Cons

The disclaimer at the bottom of the landing page says it all. This is not a Facebook-accredited program. It was never sponsored, reviewed, or tested by the social networking site, nor does it have any affiliation with the domain or the company at all.

This is a third-party product that you must take with a grain of salt and pay $57 to have. There’s no assurance that you’re getting a solid product aside from the money-back guarantee and a single email address used for feedback. In fact, the lack of customer support is also quite disconcerting for this product and this website.

Think about it. That one inbox might have thousands of emails regarding comments, questions, refunds, payments, glitches, and frequently asked questions that aren’t covered by the basic queries explained on the landing page, which means you aren’t assured that there’s someone who’ll get back to you with your email because of the flood of requests that inbox probably gets on a given day, week, month, or a year.

You only have the landing page’s word on the program’s efficacy as well, which is (take note) a program that was never endorsed or affiliated with Facebook. You have no assurances that it would work or if your correspondences would also reach the makers of this software.

Recapitulation Of Ulead Pro Review

If you're willing to take a risk (or take the plunge) in regards to the Ulead program, you will be given the opportunity for limitless lead growth and generation.

After all, thanks to Ulead's ability to turn the Facebook social network into your own marketing database, you can reach users based on their name, age range, birth year, gender, relationship status, job status, employer, career, political views, and more.

You can even reach specific demographics, like gamers, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, Millennials, most people past forty, CEOs, the 1%, and so on and so forth.

There are no limits to the huge amount of people you can reach out to and provide your Facebook campaign with, thus allowing you to gain bigger lead conversions in your traffic upsurge.

The sales funnel bottleneck will become wider as long as your amount of traffic and bandwidth is filled with visitors who are part of your demographic, which is in stark contrast to, say, advertising through the Super Bowl with a commercial in order to reach out to a small slice of a big pie.

Chances are, the majority of sports fans you've advertised to aren't even in your demographic, so you're taking a bigger risk and you'll have more denials than engagements with such a commercial.

By making a concerted, concentrated effort to focus only on the thousands of people likeliest to patronize what you're offering, whether it's real estate or web traffic solutions, you're also likeliest to gain more leads.

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