Third Party TribePro Review

TribePro Overview

Running a blog or website has only one goal, and that is to get as much visitors as possible.

The main purpose of having a website is so that other people can see, read, or watch the content that is posted regardless if they’re for announcements, business, promotions, entertainment, or whichever reason why the owner decides to post the content.

Of course, in order to get the desired amount of visitors, it is necessary to have a high quality content and most relevant to the reason why it’s posted. However, there are instances when the website is not getting the right amount of traffic for the content to have exposure.

The key to getting the website’s traffic to be increased is to earn a top rank in search engines which can be achieved by earning backlinks to the website set at numerous places on the internet.

This service is offered by TribePro, a syndication platform that is designed to get websites enormous exposure using the concept and effective system of the “Tribe.” The exposure is achieved in the shortest amount of time by leveraging one’s time and in becoming part of the Tribe.

The Tribe is a group of entrepreneurs with a common goal and that is to spread content like blog posts, videos, and website content. The Tribe makes use of social networks to get the needed exposure and to increase traffic.

This whole process is done with only a click of a single button and the results can be observed within minutes.

TribePro Pricing Plans

The service is categorized into different pricing plans depending on the needs of the owner of the website or the blog. The pricing plan comes in three types.

  • Free - This plan is free for the first month and for the next months.

    It offers the basic features like participation in the leader board, access to activity feed, training, getting followers, content sharing, content submissions, comments on blog posts, comments and likes on YouTube posts, and integration of a content submitter.

  • Plus - This costs $19.96 as the first month’s price and for each additional month, it costs $39.97. It gets the basic features from the Free pricing together with additional features such as auto submit and auto syndicate.

  • Pro - This costs $39.99 for the first month and $79.97 for each additional month. The features from Plus are available in Pro as well as the ability of creating, training, and managing a Tribe.

TribePro Pros

The following are the different benefits one can get from the platform:

  • Easy submission of content - Getting a content to be spread by the Tribe is easy. No in-depth knowledge is required to set up a particular content for the Tribe to work on.

  • Automatic sharing and auto-syndicate - The content is really exposed because the Tribe takes it to themselves to share content on different social media sites and employ syndication techniques to get the content to be exposed more.

  • ntegration with YouTube - Posting a YouTube video on the blog or the website is assured that the amount of view will be reflected on the YouTube site. This is advantageous in getting a video on YouTube to get viral as well.

  • Manually choosing social services - Different social networks have different kinds of users.

    There are users more interested in a certain subject in one site than the other. Having the control on which site to share the content makes it possible to put the content where it could get the highest possible exposure.

  • Management of own Tribe - The Pro pricing grants the ability of being to build, train, and manage a Tribe. If the content really has to get as much exposure as possible, then using more than one Tribe is the best way to do it.

  • Reports and Stats - Keeping track of the website’s progress is important to know which type of contents and social services work best to get the website more traffic.

TribePro Cons

There are some drawbacks to the platform and they are the following:

  • Likes are integrated only for Facebook and YouTube - The likes on the website are only integrated for Facebook and YouTube. This means that promoting using other social media sites is not that maximized.

  • Requires a number of social media accounts to be a part of a Tribe - In order to employ the services of a Tribe, one has to be part of a Tribe as well. That means it is necessary to have as much social media accounts to have the whole concept realized.

  • Little control on blog comments - There is a feature where blog comments are made automatically.

    This might be beneficial to get a content’s rank to go up, but there is a chance that the comments might be inappropriate for the specific content. If there was a way to control what kinds of comments are made, it would make the content look better.

  • No integration with hosting capability for amount of traffic - A website subjected to high volumes of traffic will have a toll on the server that hosts the website.

    This poses no problem for websites that are being run by heavy-duty servers; however, for websites whose servers can only accommodate a certain amount of traffic, a downtime is going to be very inconvenient.

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