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TrafficBotPro starts from $67.00 annually and has an active affiliate program.

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    September, 20
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    July, 03
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    December, 04
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    June, 04
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    May, 11
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    April, 24
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    October, 18
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    September, 09
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    August, 16
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    July, 22
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    May, 11
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    November, 03
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    June, 28
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    June, 27
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    March, 15
  • Jessie Park
    December, 01
  • Terresa
    March, 15
  • Constantia
    February, 04
  • Krishan Navathe
    October, 31
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TrafficBotPro Prices

Search Engine

Increase your rankings in SERP by simulating real people searching and clicking to your website. This will increase CTR and overall analytics of your website.

from $67 annually
Shopping Sites

Improve your products ranking on biggest shopping sites like Amazon or Ebay. Generate more sales on these sites with TrafficBotPro.

from $67 annually
Ad Click

TrafficBotPro ad click version can make you money with simulating clicks to your own ads. It simulates real person to keep your ad network account safe.

from $97 annually
Full Version

Full version of TrafficBotPro contains all modules (search engine, shopping sites and ad clicking modules). Much cheaper than buying each module separately.

from $127 annually
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TrafficBotPro partner program

Partner Program Description
Promote TrafficBotPro through WhiteHatBox network and recieve 30% of sale price for every customer you will refer to WhiteHatBox network. Recommend this great SEO software and bank!

PPS (Pay per sale) - Up to 30% per sale.

TrafficBotPro Billing

TrafficBotPro runs on Whitehatbox network to manage costs.

if ever you experience virtually any complications:

Starts at $67.00
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