Third Party TheSkySpace Review

TheSkySpace Overview

SkySpace started in the year 2013. This was the result of the efforts of private investors out there that were powered for their years of experience when it comes to the industry of hosting. This small company, as little as it seems, has tons of ideas in mind.

The clients are perceived to be their number one priority. This is the reason why they are proud of themselves. This is the reality when it comes to the efficiency and speed of the effort being offered by the team all the time. These are just among the reasons why most providers choose them.

What is the reason why SkySpace is the best? First of all, it has the ability to provide a service which is of high quality. The server grade hardware has the ability to host reliable and redundant world class data centers.

These are all hooked to tons of Tier 1 network. This goes with a minimum of 10Gbps uplink. Aside from this, the mentioned provider is also flexible. Usually, this would occur upon request, if there is any. There are plans which may be in accordance to the needs of the customers.

It may be the custom OS installs, or the OS templates. As for security, it is taken seriously by the service provider. This may be basic but it could also help needless to say. The previsioned servers are safe. They are also ensured. The OS templates are also updated, meeting the needs of the modern users.

Additional Informations About TheSkySpace

The quality of service SkySpace may provide is enough for most users to be convinced. The grade hardware it comes with has an unstoppable ability to host even reliable and redundant centers. This would not take place if it was not for its flexibility.

What is even good is that during the time it is used, security will be upheld. It will be taken as seriously for many to really realize that this is the right hosting company for them. As for the uptime, nothing values it the way this company does.

The node servers the mentioned has are found in the datacenters it goes with. This is of high level of network and even that of electrical redundancy. This would include network carriers. The same is also true with routers and switches.

UPS systems will be looked at too. This would also be the case with locations and generators.

The VPS and Dedicated clients may avail is not the ordinary hosting solutions offered anywhere. For their VPS, there are three options. Among these are unmanaged VPS and managed VPS. For example, in the unmanaged VPS, there would be no control panel or even that of server management.

There are packages being offered which are fitted both for the Xen and OpenVZ platforms. These would all be taking a website to a new and of course, higher level. Do not forget to check on the bare metal, managed VPS and dedicated services. The price may start from $35 monthly.

Recapitulation Of TheSkySpace Review

TheSkySpace is small hosting company with really affordable prices and excellent support team ready to help you to setup your first website hosted through TheSkySpace. TheSkySpace was founded in late 2013, backed by private investors and powered by over 15 years of experience in the hosting industry.

So even if it's small company, you can expect big things from this hosting company in the future. But now is the right time to join their excellent and affordable hosting while you can for these prices.

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