Third Party Theme Junkie Review

Theme Junkie Overview

It is important to regard the theme and the whole appearance of your website. While users may be interested with the information they can get from your website, the way your website delivers it can bring impact in the long run. This is where theme developers excel.

These online companies produce themes that are sure to improve websites that often use WordPress in creating their site. The most important part of designing and creating templates for themes are undergone by these sites instead of you doing the tedious task.

The benefit of having a well-functioning and practical WP site can bring you more dollars than you can imagine and might prove how excellent your website is.

It is a common knowledge that the likeability of a website depends on their design, function, information and relevance and a good theme can bring out the best of your WP site.

Theme Junkie is one of the thousands of theme creator companies online that specializes in this field. They are known for their solid code quality that considers safe developer practices.

Their support system has been popular among its counterparts because they are known to give feedback and response 24 hours a day minimizing dissatisfaction among their clients. Currently, they offer two memberships for their clients – Lifetime and Regular.

Being a theme developer, Theme Junkie showcases a number of themes that are helpful in most WP based sites, but not limited to it. In addition, they value strong client loyalty so that makes them more interesting.

Theme Junkie Support

Currently, Theme Junkie has 52 designs and has started doing it since 2009. As part of their legacy, their owners maintain a high standard in their customer support and are willing to help anytime of the day.

They have received quite excellent reviews among users due to their willingness to assist. Their designs have been into constant criticism, but they are offering free themes for those who have signed in as members.

Maintaining their themes in a tip-top condition, they update their site frequently and make sure their stash of themes is bug-free and as interesting as always for WP sites.

Theme Junkie Pros

The WP based theme developer site is a good site for starters. Like any other WP site users, they have affordable themes and are always up to date. This is a major advantage as most start up sites look for ways to save on their cost.

Their themes are licensed and are under full compliance with W3C standards set by WordPress. You will never worry about running into problems with copyrights later on.

Their membership comes into two types – lifetime and regular. Both of these membership categories offer lifetime support, unlimited use of themes, as well as use of it on other sites and complete access to all the current 52 themes.

The only difference is that lifetime members have the opportunity to access to new updates and themes on a lifetime basis, not just a year, which is available only for standard members.

Their themes received a good review on their functionality. It comes complete with localization ready system, FeedBurner support and the analytic stat manager for threaded comments. It is Gravatar ready and is widget and page customizable.

They have advanced control panels for easier resizing and converting of thumbnails and images. On top of that, users get to use user-friendly menus compatible for WP 3.0 and Cross Browsers.

Theme Junkie Cons

In any other areas like functionalities and support, Theme Junkie can be a good investment. However, their designs are not that sophisticated as any other theme developers such as EleganThemes and WooThemes.

Their graphic designs are seen as common and are not that impressive as its counterparts. If you are looking for themes that are sure to make your website go noticed by many of the seasoned bloggers and users online, you will think twice about getting help from Theme Junkie.

The membership fee is only good for the use of the membership process, but may require you to pay for the individual themes if you want to go after separate premium themes.

This theme developer handles individual support for members and although it is essential, you may find that you have to wait for response and solution after a careful probe into the problem.

If you don’t worry about the cost of the theme and focus on the designs, Theme Junkie is not the developer for you. They have 52 themes to choose from and they may not cater your blogging needs that require elegance and uniqueness.

Overall, these downside are not that of a deal breaker, but is necessary to know.

Recapitulation Of Theme Junkie Review

As a whole, Theme Junkie complements both the good thing about using a WordPress site as well as its recurring problem – graphic designs. Firstly, Theme Junkie is a good theme for starters because of its affordable pricing that lets you choose for a year’s use or a lifetime use.

Second, their customer support is outstanding compared to its counterparts. It is difficult to look for theme developers who are very dedicated in catering their client’s need and they have to do it on an individual basis.

While their website conforms to all standards set by WP3, you will realize that their themes also provide great features for setting up individual blogs that are not necessarily of the WordPress. Their functionalities are one of a kind benefiting both the users and the blogger.

Although they have to deal with the problem on their theme’s graphic design which most think as not that elegant enough, they have web theme entries that are worthy of use such as their FashionPress, NewsWire, Gadget, and Channel.

Being a starter itself in the theme developing industry, Theme Junkie is expected to release much more interesting themes and functional designs that are sure to make you think twice of switching to other developers.

Overall, the theme site is the best for blog sites that are on their budding stage and may be able to jumpstart a website by using user-friendly designs. What’s more is that you never worry of not getting any replies from their customer support if time comes.

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