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SmartMediaPro Overview

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Membership sites are now gaining popularity. They generate an appreciable amount of revenue. But running a membership site is difficult when youre doing it on your own; you need help. The best way to do this to use a membership plugin.

A plugin enables you to manage your own membership site without having to face major problems in creating a way for the users to subscribe to a membership or some times purchasing a digital product. SmartMediaPro offers to provide you with a membership plugin for you website.

All you need to do is create a Wordpress blog or website and purchase a package of the WP-Member plugin and you are good to go. You will the chance to make a membership website that can have unlimited members and membership levels as well as unlimited subscriptions and extra fields for registrations.

You can customize the plugin depending on the sites needs and your needs as well. The process of changing and customization is easy as the interface is created to be user-friendly. The dashboard allows you utilize charts for you to know the activity of the site and the number of members that are subscribed to the certain subscription plans.

Purchasing the plugin also entitles to support and update that can be very helpful in managing the website and during times when you are encountering problems and issues with the plugin. Aside the WP-Member plugin, SmarMediaPro also offers script assistance services as to say plugin upgrades and theme installations.

SmartMediaPro Support

Once you purchase the plugin, you can immediately start turning your website into a full and excellent membership site. There two pricing plans for the plugin.

  • Single Site License - This costs %47. This type license allows you to use the plugin on a single domain and includes lifetime support and one year of updates.
  • Developer - This type costs $147. This allows you to use unlimited domains to make membership sites. It covers lifetime support and update. It has coupons valued at $20 that can be used as well.
  • Multi-Site License - This costs $97. This type of license allows you to create membership sites from unlimited number of domains. It covers all-time update and support as well.

    SmartMediaPro Pros

    The plugin has numerous features that greatly make managing and using the membership site convenient. The owner of the site can effortlessly run the website and the users can manage their subscriptions without too much hassle. Some of the features include:

  • Full Automation - All the accounts of the members are managed automatically. Their payments are automated as well as managing their emails and setting up their accounts.
  • Quick installation and set up - With a very easy to use interface, setting up the membership site is very quick.
  • Easy management of members - You can view and manage all of the members in a convenient way.
  • Newsletters - You can choose to send out newsletters to members of the site.
  • Drip Content - The feed system can be arranged and scheduled so that content can be set up earlier.
  • Unlimited levels - You can create membership levels without any limit and also different types of subscriptions packages free or paid.
  • Digital downloads - Members can choose to download files using secure links.
  • Widgets - Buttons for registration, log in, and downloads are available to use and youre guaranteed that they are secure.
  • Content Protection - All your posted content are secure with the use the plugin.

    Script assistance services also include:

  • WordPress or Plugin upgrade
  • Wordpress, plugin and theme install
  • IonCube install
  • Site transfer

SmartMediaPro Cons

The update is only offered to single site and multi-site licenses for one year which means that only the developer license gets to have a lifetime update. This could be disadvantageous for people who are subscribed to the single and multi-site packages since they won't be getting any updates about the plugin after a year.

Important announcements and product upgrades could make the membership website improve more and be more convenient and easy for the owner of the website. There should be an option for the subscribers of the single and multi-site packages to avail for a lifetime update if they want to.

People want to hear from the developers and creators of the products that they are constantly using for very important purposes.

The coupon codes are also available only for the developer package which would force people to just choose this product if they are planning to constantly promote their website using promos and coupons. The coupons are also priced.

There should be a package that offers to provide unlimited number of coupons for very effective promotional strategies. Although its not very useful unless you are a true developer, the chance to use an open source code is not available for the other two packages as well.

Multi-site license subscribers could opt to hire a developer for their site which would force them to upgrade to the developer package if they want their hired developer to fully work with the site.

Recapitulation Of SmartMediaPro Review

SmartMediaPro offers two great services, the WP-Member plugin that allows you to turn any Wordpress site or blog into a fully functional membership site, the Script Assistance Services that allows you to upgrade your Wordpress, the plugin, or avail of other useful plugins.

The features for the membership site plugin cover the essential things that you need for a membership website. The fully automation makes it possible for a hands off control of the members registration and account set up which is very convenient for the owner of the website.

The quick installation makes it possible for you to create the membership in a matter of seconds.

Managing the members and their activity is also made easy by visiting an intuitive members area that contain understandable tables and charts. The pricing plans for the plugin also allow developers to choose the right package for their needs and requirements.

SmartMediaPro also offers a risk free 30-day money back guarantee that enables you to experience running a membership site with the freedom of terminating the license if you the plugin does not work for you or you just simply want to cut the subscription.

The lifetime support is available for all three types of licenses which mean you are covered with whatever you choose. You can consult and contact SmartMediaPro to ask for assistance in running the site or in using the plugin.

Although only the developer package has a lifetime update, what makes up for it is the lifetime support that all the packages have. Updates can always be accessed through the support system.

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