Third Party SiteAutoBackup Review

SiteAutoBackup Overview

Computers have made a lot of impact in many industries. In science, engineering, real estate, education, health care, business, and many others, computers have contributed in developing and expanding into different territories.

In science, it has let medicines be discovered to cure different types of illnesses in the fastest way possible. In engineering, computers have been very instrumental in designing cars and buildings in the most artistic and functional way possible.

In education, it has widened the knowledge base of schools and universities for students and professors to utilize. In business, it has opened a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs to grow and succeed no matter what type of society or culture they belong in.

In these recent times, computers mainly serve as databases of individuals and companies. These databases contain information regarding different items. For a business process outsourcing company, it contains numerous security information that are highly confidential.

It involves all of the business processes, product information, strategies, and communication with clients and customers. It is very important to protect all of this information so as to jeopardize the integrity and reputation of a company.

How to protect databases from being corrupt or from being all gone? Using SiteAutoBackup is very important. It can contribute a lot to prevent any risks involved when data or files are compromised.

It is important though to secure the service of a trusted company for automatic backup of files so there wont be any further risks involved with it. Databases could worth thousands or even millions of dollars, so it is best to protect them at all costs.


One of the most famous and trusted companies when it comes to storing huge databases or piles and piles of information is SiteAutoBackup. It has been serving a lot of client companies in many states and countries. It specifically caters to companies utilizing cPanel.

It can also provide backup for websites or hosts under, Siteground,, iweb, and many others. With this capability, it definitely helps a lot of companies in securing not only their databases but also their emails, domains, and many accounts.

They can provide as much as 50 GB of storage for every small or large companies dealing with highly classified or confidential information and highly technical servers.


  • Variety of Options

    SiteAutoBackup can provide different kinds of options to different types of clients. If your business has just started and you just want to make the communication history among you, your clients, and your customers stored for future reviews or analyses, you can choose the partial backup option.

    With this one, you can have it scheduled regularly such as monthly or quarterly. Most of the items being requested for partial backup by SiteAutoBackup are consumer or home directories and email accounts.

    If your business focuses on process outsourcing and customer contact centers of huge companies such as Samsung, AT & T, Verizon, Sprint, ETC., you can get full cPanel backups either monthly or even weekly.

  • Data Privacy

    SiteAutoBackup strictly follows the TRUSTe privacy policy. The policy contains mostly about how the company should handle your information. One of the policies indicated is that main function of SiteAutoBackup is to fulfil your order as their client.

    They uphold with them accountability, transparency and choice.

    Moreover, it is critical to the business of any company to make every data private. No leakage or distribution of information must be done as this may cost legal actions. These legal actions may worth thousands and even millions of dollars, which SiteAutoBackup is definitely not going to risk.

    For them, it is more important to have satisfied and loyal clients or customers than to have a negative mark in the business world.

    It has been existing for so many years as well, so there is no way that it will sacrifice the reputation that it has built from their own money and their staffs efforts.


  • Cost

    The only main thing that can make some individuals and companies think first before getting SiteAutoBackup services is its costs. It is still inexpensive, but it can add up to the budget of a business which may still be struggling with finances or coping with expenses.

    The costs differs based on the type of services offered. A 5 GB backup account may cost up to $19.50 yearly while the 500 GB Private Label Pro, the highest they could offer, costs roughly around $500 yearly.

    For a small company, the first one is a great option and the cost wont hurt much at all. For a large one, it may sound expensive but it also isnt because the capabilities of this service is just astounding or fully packed.

    Other companies are trying to create their own backup strategies by purchasing external hard drives or storage devices. With this type of strategy, these companies may not be saving more money, time and effort.

    But with SiteAutoBackup, they can definitely save a lot of time, money and effort in the long run. Instead of waiting for any server issue to happen or any files loss to encounter, it is best to have something to rely on.

    It will be your best ally in terms of restoring everything you need for future reports analyses and presentation and for satisfied clients in your web hosting service.


Recapitulation Of SiteAutoBackup Review

Every business has to get something to rely on. With SiteAutoBackup, it is the most reliable service for your every need when it comes to confidential information and web hosting. You wont have to worry when there would be technical issues or computer bugs.

You wont have to suffer when all of your files were suddenly deleted. In these modern times, there have been instances when some databases are hacked and deleted either intentionally or unintentionally.

Foreseeing this event or any issue related to this will make you prepared in the best way possible.

Moreover, SiteAutoBackup has been tested already by a lot of companies. Most of the feedbacks received were positive. Bloggers, VPS users, and other people from all walks of life realize its importance to each of their endeavours.

How to avail of SiteAutoBack services? They have a hotline number that you can dial anytime you want, even if its two oclock in the morning. For every additional gigabyte, you can just add as low as one cent for your payment and it even has a 30 day free trial.

All of these are great offers that any company will definitely take advantage of when they hear of this.

Furthermore, having an automatic backup for everything in your business promotes stability. If you see your company growing and expanding into different sites or territories, you have the right decision of partnering with SiteAutoBackup.

If you are managing customer contact centers in different parts of the world such as Asia, Latin America, and the United States of America, this company will make your life easier as you get protection with all of the critical information that involves your business.

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