Third Party Shopper Approved Review

Shopper Approved Overview

Businesses rise as technology grown in this fast paced world. Competitors are being aggressively active to grow their business in the industry theyve chosen.

A lot of techniques, methods and strategies discovered by different people that somehow helped businesses in most aspects including transaction, deals, sales and day to day business operation. One of the known strategies that were introduced to us by technology is e-commerce.

E-commerce has been widely used of most of the businesses all over the world as it primarily makes transaction a lot easier because it involves transfer of information over the internet.

It accommodates a wide spectrum of businesses includes consumer based retail sites, auction, business exchange and trading services, goods and operation. Businesses see e-commerce as the best way to effectively grow their business all they need is a helpful and attractive website to practice this strategy.

How can website help your business? As an entrepreneur you must be wise and smart in terms of your business strategy because it can be your success or doom. Website should reflect what your business is, so you must have a strong and consistent branding and marketing.

Your website should also reflect the changes in the marketplace and still address your target market, the graphic and content should embody what kind of business you are. But did you know that some third party website can you accomplish all this? You will improve your business by getting the opinion of your customers.

Shopper Approved Support is a US-based merchant rating and review service; it is a great way for improving your business through customer opinions. This website will help your customer rate and review your website, more ratings and positive reviews means you have a good business.

They have customer satisfaction survey that gives the customers to leave reviews and feedbacks that would be helpful for your business improvement. Shopper Approved guarantee to provide social proof and safety for your customers.

To ensure your security, build trust, increase sales, improve confidence and provide third party verification they use the services of trust guard. acquires the feedbacks and reviews by the use of Google Adwords and they will provide proofing of customer satisfaction.

Shopper Approved Pros

They offer 30-daytrial for their customers. They will let their customers to test drive their rating and review in the software for 30 days with no obligation and cost.

Shopper Approved believe that in a span of 30 days you can assess the improvement of the business, increase in sales and boost customer loyalty of customers participating in the rating and review process that every online businesses want to continue pursuing on the service.

Google already participated in the process of rating and reviews and include five star rating as a criterion for their search. For example you can search any website for example you will find ratings provided by their customer buy

Websites with a higher rating will have the possibility of getting more clicked and will be the most visited. allows businesses to access the software with their member control panel any time of the day, any day of the week! This gives the full advantage to businesses to maximize working and resolving customer concerns and not limited to usual business hours.

Many companies offering products with free trial requires Credit Card for initial requirement. will allow first give you the free 30 day trial for you to assess if the product satisfy you before providing your decision to avail the services, meaning the 30 day trial really is free of charge and any obligations.

Unlike other services that obliged you to purchase your product after the free 30 day trial. This is the good thing to you will not be forced to avail the services if you find it not worthy, upon knowing this stuffs you think it is not worthy?

One of the best feature of this product is it can provide simplified systems for business and you will not worry in using it. With just a few minutes, as simple as copy and paste of code into your business website you can have the satisfaction survey and you can use it already.

This is good news because you can start already with the survey and ratings.

Shopper Approved Cons

Since your customers are already done and bombarded shopping and giving reviews and ratings some of them will not complete the survey because of different reasons. Sending surveys can sometimes irritate the customers that lead to customer burnout.

Customer burnout can result to low response to ratings and reviews that can also lower their satisfaction on your services that can give your business a not so good reputation.

Technology has been very aggressive and allowing spam, unsolicited emails, junk emails and promotion. When they are taking time to answer survey, they also thinking that they are monitored and tracked that make them more hesitant to give personal information so they are being discouraged.

Make sure to put disclaimer that the information will not be used in other entities.


Recapitulation Of Shopper Approved Review

It is essential to know the feedbacks from your customers because they are the most important component of your business and success. Through customer reviews, feedbacks, ratings and comments you know what to continue, to stop and to improve. In this generation, where most of the mediums can be done with the use of technology it is free to take advantage of it.

Surveys are very valuable to your business because it addresses the issues and concern of your customers it also give you a good reputation and encourage other to avail services and products with you. It is also considered as a channel between and your customers in expressing their views and suggestion.

This is an important environment when you let customers speak for their suggestions outside your control because it can leverage your business performance and also boost your sales and this also shows that you are open to address and accept suggestion from your customers.

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