Third Party SerpBook Review

SerpBook Overview

Why does a business would need a search engine optimization and search engine marketing? This is to ensure that a number of people would visit its website. According to a Fall report last 2004, almost 40% of all the connections of the internet are always in access of high speed which means that it is always on.

Due to this, emerging of advance technology like their computers, smartphones, or even televisions have been favored by the people. There are many websites that have been around for many years and since they are not familiar to people, they are not always or they are never been submitted into search engines.

Many businesses spend money every month into Yellow Page advertising and it is somehow a waste of effort and money since using of phone book has been drastically decrease for the past 10 years because of the evolution of technology.

In a world of instance, most of the people would choose to use the internet than anything and promoting ones website by the means of internet is the replacement for Yellow Page Advertising.

SerpBook Support

Being on the page one of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) makes the business to be regarded by many people because the first link that is located on the first page gets the most number of visitors. Almost 80% of the netizens who types in keywords in search engines clicks the top 20 websites listed on the SERP.

It has been proven that the higher ranking in SERP is the best strategy of advertising that is why using a very powerful keyword tool and rank tracker would be very essential.

SerpBook Pros

Here are the reasons why SerpBook is favored as the best rank tracker. It is a quick and efficient rank tracker.

It can manage to categorized the keywords, neatly and efficiently arrange the categories, Check significant keywords, share links which are private so that clients can view the categories, select, remove or make a new category, track your Google location, GEO targets searching keywords and it includes zip codes.

There is also instant screenshots of the marketers positions. They can get time to time updates of the websites ranking, quickly alters the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics according to the positions. The updates of ranking in Google pages and Backlinks are given daily.

The results in Google Places or Local Listing are also provided and since it is the most effective rank tracker, it can manage numerous keywords and websites. It also illustrates visually appealing charts where one can back track the historical rankings of the keywords.

They can also view the progress of the SEO campaign in just a glimpse. They can look at the rank on the specific date by just hovering over the charts. Domination of the SERPs can be done by using notes and charts and lastly, SerpBook can enable one to see javascript based graphs on their mobile phones without using any flash player.

Another feature of SerpBook is the live alert notifications. Whenever the position of the keyword goes up or down like enabling to be part of top 10 or 100 or be removed out of the ranking drastically, instant notification will be given.

Notifications might be slightly distracting to see while working so this tool is created to easily view and hide those notifications. Apart from getting notifications on the website itself, there will also be email alert notifications.

In this tool, the clients or the marketers can schedule email reports where they can send report anytime they like. Attaching report files can be made possibly because this tool is fully automated and does not require effort from the users.

The notes on all of the keywords and SEO campaigns can also be recorded. These notes work together with the historical graph which lets you easily find out what are the campaigns that work the best. This note taking features are in cycle which are record, discover, and repeat.

It also allows the users to include notes coming from individual sites or keywords which can ease their lives.

A feature of SerpBook that can be brag of is the customization of PDF reports. First is that it can download a report save as PDF file, can customize the logo and description of the company and can read and open easily the PDF reports.

Not just PDF files can be downloaded but also Excel reports that are very needed in discussing the ranking or other business proposals to the clients.

SerpBook can make Application Programming Interface (API) access possible. API specifies how the components of software should work together and used when graphical user interface (GUI) components are programmed.

This tool will enable the marketer to make unlimited API calls, create API link for each keyword category, and access to raw data. Creating custom dashboards and Java Script Object Notation (JSON) data is encoded for easy storing and exchanging of data.

Integration of live data of Google Analytics is also one of the features of SerpBook and these data can be illustrated in a graph in your reports and ViewKey. It is visually attracting and Return on Investments (ROI) can easily be read.

SerpBook Cons

The disadvantage of SerpBook is that it based on the web that is why it is not necessary to download and install it in the computer. Just visit SerpBook and sign up for an account which only lasts for 14 days for free trial and purchasing it comes in packages available in Lite and Diamond package and it is paid every month.


Recapitulation Of SerpBook Review

As said before, sharing category with the client is possible through using SerpBook. Just send the link to the clients and they can view the categorys keyword position results live.

The good thing here is that there will be no more disturbing morning or evening phone calls while you are sleeping just to ask what their current position in the market is.

It is difficult to search for expert reviews about SerpBook because it is the latest and most advance search rank tracking tool which is hard to overpower by other tracking tool.

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