Third Party SEO Link Vine Review

SEO Link Vine Overview

Analyzing your site to increase its online presence is to use links. But, not because you have thousands of links it doesnt necessarily mean that it can increase its ranking. Relevance is the most important factor when it comes with backlinks.

The way to get your site indexed is to point links to it. The search engine will simply follow these relevant links that points to your primary website. Search engine crawler will find your site. A site without links pointing to it is probably the lamest website existed in the World Wide Web.

After all if nobody cares about the website, the search engine algorithm might wonder why it should care either. Of course the more relevant links you have the better. The search engine will consider the site important and will index the site more often.

A single relevant link might just put your website at the top search engine result page. While hundred links can increase its ranking sooner or later. Links will tell the search engine that your primary site is important.

The result will be, the search engine algorithm will consider your website worthy in indexing. Link is good but link with keywords are far better. You could have thousands of bad keyword links, and these links are really not useful, unlike dozen of keywords that contains keywords.

These links might just put your website at the top of the search engine. Finally it is important not to forget about the purpose of links. It is to help people to find your website.

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