Third Party SendBlaster Review

SendBlaster Overview

SendBlaster is a software program that sets up your email campaign and manages your email list. It is installed on your computer, but it also provides a web-based service. With SendBlaster, you can send bulk emails in a matter of minutes.

You don't need to type the email addresses one-by-one for you to send the email campaign. With just a few clicks, the emails are sent in a flash.

SendBlaster also provides a great support system. Even if you are a newbie in using this software, you won't be clueless since they provide articles and video tutorials that they can use as a guide in using the software.

And if you are still clueless, you can call their support staff and they will help you regarding your problem.

Though SendBlaster has an amazing support staff and features; the said email managing software still has flaws. One of the disadvantages is it doesnt allow you to automatically reply to the emails you have received. It only allows you to send campaign ads in a flash.

Though it has a free trial version, it is still quite expensive for an email managing system. There are other autoresponder systems that also have great features but less expensive than this.

In other words, SendBlaster is a great email managing system as it allows you to send emails in any format which other systems don't allow. But it is quite expensive compared to others. But if you are to spend a lot of cash, then this one is for you.

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