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SendBlaster Overview

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As a business owner or online marketer, you want to get the returns from your investments as soon as possible. But the only way for you to do that is to promote the business. There are numerous ways that you can do if you want to promote your business.

You can create ads on TV, on the radio and even in magazines. You can also post ads on social media which most entrepreneurs and online marketers do today. But if you want to get lots of leads, then the best strategy is email marketing.

Email marketing is said to be the most effective in promoting a product or service. It allows you to connect to the people in your contact. However sending emails to your contacts one-by-one would take a lot of time before you finished sending the email.

And before you know it, they have already bought the product you are about to offer to other affiliates. If you dont want to be left behind, then you need to use SendBlaster.

SendBlaster is a software program that manages your mailing lists and sets up your email marketing campaigns. Its an all-in-one product that manages your bulk email and gives flexibility just like the web-based email managing system.

But before you get this software, you need to know its greatest features and its flaws that may affect your email marketing strategy. This review will help you decide whether you should get the SendBlaster email managing software or not.

SendBlaster Support

As mentioned earlier, SendBlaster is a software program that manages your mailing lists and sets up your email campaigns. You just need to download the software from its provider and you are now ready to manage your emails.

If its your first time to use an autoresponder like this, then you dont need to feel that you are alone. The program offers tutorials that guide you in using the program.

They provide information such as importing contacts, creating newsletters, managing your list and a whole lot more. You can even talk to their support team if you have questions regarding the product.

SendBlaster Pros

There are lots of benefits that you will get from the SendBlaster software program. For one, the software offers a 7-day free trial version. You will have the opportunity to try this program for free. And if you like their service, thats the only time for you to get the premium version of the SendBlaster.

Another benefit is its user-friendly interface. You dont need to become a pro when using this email managing software. Your stored knowledge is enough for you to use the software. And if you are lost, there are tutorial articles and videos that will help you in using the program.

Allowing you to send text and HTML formats is another benefit of this email managing program. You can convert your email into these formats or you can use the format that you want the moment you type the content.

But the greatest benefit of this autoresponder software is it sends your email in a legal way. When we say legal, we mean that the people on your list have given you permission to send the email campaigns to them.

You are not invading someones privacy or breaking any law which other autoresponder software programs usually break.

SendBlaster Cons

You may think that this is the best email managing system due to its amazing features. But, just like any other email managing software programs, SendBlaster has a number of disadvantages. One of the flaws it doesnt have an autoresponder feature.

Yes, it belongs it belongs to the category of autoresponders. However, the software only lets you send bulk emails and not to reply the emails that youve received.

Another disadvantage is the requirement of having an SMTP account. If you dont register to this website or you dont log in, you cant use the software even if its already installed on your computer.

The price is another disadvantage. Though there is a free version of this software, you need to pay a hundred bucks after the free trial has expired if you want to continue using the program.

You may think that it is inexpensive and it is beneficial, but there are other autoresponder systems that you can get with a hundred bucks.

But the biggest disadvantage is it doesnt convert your emails into a newsletter automatically.

You still need to choose the newsletter template and retype the blog before you send it to the contacts on your list.


Recapitulation Of SendBlaster Review

SendBlaster is a software program that sets up your email campaign and manages your email list. It is installed on your computer, but it also provides a web-based service. With SendBlaster, you can send bulk emails in a matter of minutes.

You dont need to type the email addresses one-by-one for you to send the email campaign. With just a few clicks, the emails are sent in a flash.

SendBlaster also provides a great support system. Even if you are a newbie in using this software, you wont be clueless since they provide articles and video tutorials that they can use as a guide in using the software.

And if you are still clueless, you can call their support staff and they will help you regarding your problem.

Though SendBlaster has an amazing support staff and features; the said email managing software still has flaws. One of the disadvantages is it doesnt allow you to automatically reply to the emails you have received. It only allows you to send campaign ads in a flash.

Though it has a free trial version, it is still quite expensive for an email managing system. There are other autoresponder systems that also have great features but less expensive than this.

In other words, SendBlaster is a great email managing system as it allows you to send emails in any format which other systems dont allow. But it is quite expensive compared to others. But if you are to spend a lot of cash, then this one is for you.

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