Third Party RocketResponder Review

RocketResponder Overview

As far as I'm concerned, the real proof Rocket Responder's mettle comes from its ability to insert lead capture pages and whatnot. The whole point of an email newsletter and getting subscribers is to convert those subs into actual leads or paying customers, after all.

The Rocket Responder's method of automatically catering to the needs of subscribers makes it easier to convert them into actual paying customers, complete with thank you and confirmation pages whenever they make purchases, avail of online coupons, or go for the opt-in newsletter.

It wasn't difficult to set up at all, such that even those with limited technical knowhow can use it. It's as easy as getting a Facebook account, in fact. These functionalities are all present in the top auto-responders in the nation.

Rocket Responder isn't just a shadow or copycat of top email marketing software, though. For example, it's capable of doing certain things that other programs couldn't, like sending broadcasts with a send-all function without having to individually and manually compose an email to every list involved.

It's like having Twitter for email; one email is all it takes to make your message known, but this time you have more control over who sees that message, whether it's a newsletter or announcement of your latest company promo.

It's also far less complicated than other programs like it. Rocket Responder isn't more complicated than it needs to be. It's the epitome of effective simplicity. Thusly, in terms of deliverability, it "delivers" as well (pardon the pun)

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