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Riff Master Pro Overview

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Music arranging is one of the most lucrative jobs in the industry, and there are only a few who can deliver this type of job. This a skill that is rare and is actually in demand.

Anyone can learn how to ar-range music, but those that have a real expertise and talent to do this are very intricate in the software that they will be using.

There are many software that can be used in arranging music and only a few can really deliver great expectations.

It is also a definite must that the software can satisfy its user, from just simple performances such as loading the tracks, to how many formats it can cater, looping, speed, pitching and more.

Music is beautiful to hear, but it is complicated to create. Some say some people are just born with the talent to create music, but creating it is not the end product, it has to go through the arranging process to be just as perfect.

One software really caught the eye of music arrangers, it is called Riff Master. There are several sound tweaks that you can do through this software. Here are some of the tweaks that could be done through the software.

Why Riff Master Pro?

This one of the functions that should be clear, fast and easy. In the software all you have to do is click the add button at the top. Riff master accepts different types of audio formats such as a CAD, MP4 format, M4A format, FLAC, OGG format, MP3 format, aitt and WAV formats.

Double clicking on a certain track in the media library will load it until the track becomes visible in the WAVe window and you can play it already.

Creating loops is an important part of the song. It is actually easy to create a loop in any song you are trying to arrange.

All you really have to do is to click and drag from the beginning to the end of a certain part of the song you like in the audio WAVe window. This best for practicing the song note by note.

Slowing down is one of the main functions of Riff Master, it instantly slows down, make it fast or speed up any recordings while still keeping the pitch intact. Keeping the pitch intact while slowing down the speed is a distinct function of this software, there are no other programs that can typically do it.

The pitch of the song is the one that is mostly edited and revised. In the software you can easily make the pitch reach higher levels, or lower it down without changing the speed of the song. This especially useful for songs with difficult keys in it.

There is a part of the software that has a 10 band equalizer. It is pretty simple to operate; all you have to do is to open the EQ window at the bottom lower side with a click.

The settings that you did will be saved in an MP3 format in 128 and 320 kbps just by clicking the disc image at the top.

If you wanted to hear the music, and reduce or remove the vocals to hear it clearly, all you have to do is to turn on the super vocal reducer and it will be gone or reduced to your liking.

You can add on the and insert notes and markings within the song. This very easy to do; all you have to do is to right-click anywhere inside the WAVe window and add your text. This great for marking parts of the song.

My Personal Thoughts

The product is definitely for anyone who would like to master any guitar or other instrumental solos and chord, phrasings that are also difficult are included as well as the lyrics and the transcribing of the music of any song, and it can be done in the fastest way possible.

It is also just perfect for anyone who would like to master any solos using the guitar. The software can be used by anyone, might be beginners or advanced musicians.

For people who have just started out learning music and are not capable yet in reading notes and other chords, this might be a challenge because playing a solo needs at least some basic knowledge of the scales and some of the chords, it is best to learn the basics first.

However, for those that can definitely do solos and are talented enough to just copy and play it by ear, it can always work.

There are some glitches though that the software has. One of the feature which is the super vocal reducer, there are some songs that does not work with it, it cannot be reduced or removed, especially records form the 60s where vocals are normally panned already to the farthest area.

Users should also be careful withincreasing the gain of the vocal reducer and in shifting the slider because it may cause dis-tortion.

Recapitulation Of Riff Master Pro Review

The product is very user-friendly, there are no difficult sub menus that can give you headaches just like any other software. Everything is definitely set up already in such a way that anyone can start right away within a minute.

All the features work instantly so you don't really have to wait anymore. Transcribing melodies is also one of the many mentioned function of this very useful software, it can also transcribe chords and the lyrics and even the background including the string section of the ar-rangement.

The software is also capable of slowing down so it will be simpler to analyze and to tran-scribe. When it comes to functionality the software definitely delivers more than expected. The glitch-es are normal and right now they are still working on updates that will remove these glitches.

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