Third Party Purepings Review

Purepings Overview

On the on growing demand of computing in the world today, a reliable application is very much appreciated. Thus many servers are taking its lead in the online market allowing clients to enjoy both individual and business benefits.

Servers have been very helpful to these needs of the people, hence many different online market of server providers are flourishing. What exactly is a Server?

A server is a powerful system that allows various users to access. Utilizing server offers you many great advantages that you might need initially. Particularly, servers have powerful processors that give you optimum computer performance.

In addition, servers have advance RAM technologies, larger cache memories, and higher storage capacity that grant faster performance. Moreover, compared to the desktop, server supports multi users which are generally in contrast to the desktop. It also has much greater equipments for maximum user benefits.

Choose for the Best

Since many server brands are now booming in the market, it is not easy to choose for the best. Authenticity and trustworthiness are very essential on deciding what brand you will choose. To determine brand validity, it is very important to consider the reviews of both previous and current clients.

Note that reviews are personal user experiences of the brand; hence it will allow you to read honest opinions, whether positive or negative.

Being able to read this reviews, you will be given idea about how genuine a product is. PurePings brand by the Hypernia Corporation garnered the reviews that you might need.

PurePings Support

PurePings brand from the Hypernia Corporation supports four different servers that both individual and business people needs. PurePings offers game servers for avid online gamers for an excellent online gaming experience. They also have voice servers that allow you for a total control and flexibility between you and your friends’ conversation.

Moreover, they also support VPS Servers that allows you to fully access your server. And lastly, this brand presents Web Hosting services where you are totally in control to choose what’s best for your needs. Along with these excellent deals, they also offer many different features that you might love.

PurePings Pros

The PurePings brand has different advantages for you. Generally, they offer instant step-up upon payment, and the server will be available within just few minutes. In addition, they have the 24/7 costumer support with a team of highly experienced server management staffs.

Aside from this, PurePings has a high standard hardware for optimum performance. Lastly, they ensure to choose high performing networks for a fast and reliable connection. Specifically, the brand offers other advantages for each individual server they offer.

  • Game Servers - PurePings grant a number of different game servers which are the top played online games in the country making it highly recommended by online gamers. Not only this, the brand also bids for a low cost server which is very much convenient.
  • Video Servers - Aside from the general features, these video servers offer additional features like 24/7 monitor of the software and hardware for optimum performance.

    In addition, easy upgrading and downgrading can be done any time, these servers are packed in solid state disk (SSD) storage, and TC Admin control panel has been utilized for excellent performance.

  • VPS Servers - Is Linux and Windows Supported
  • Web Hosting - Uses SSD cache and RAID 10 hardware, and has offsite backups in case of failures.

PurePings Cons

As to its advantages, PurePings brand also has few disadvantages to the users. Nevertheless, these cons will not directly affect the customer in the process, since these cons are nothing serious to any client’s cause.

  • Unwanted Crashes - Basing from some of the reviews, the brand undergoes several crashing of the server. This means that it doesn’t support a number of hardware. It may work few times but immediate crashing is always being experienced by some of the customers.
  • Discarded Materials - The PurePings servers contains malicious unedited materials such as sexual explicit that maybe offensive to other people. The brand held no liability towards these materials and customers are expected to understand and accept this for customer’s own risk.
  • No Getting Back of Money - The brand does not accept any refunds from the customer due to the fact that the product is tangible enough. This includes monthly fees and setup fees.

Other than the mentioned cons above the, the brand is overall good for purchase.

They offer affordable and excellent servers that work best for you. Aside from this, the brand grants the customer the opportunity for hosting plan changes as long as it covers the 30 day period. This changes includes relocations.

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