Third Party Pulsed Media Review

Pulsed Media Overview

The internet is a place you can go whenever you need something. One can find almost every answer to their questions here. Furthermore, you can also get and download what you want to have through the internet.

Are you one of those people who love to download stuff from the web? Using torrent is one of the best ways in downloading from the internet. It is better than direct download, because you can pause them if you need to turn your computer off.

Furthermore, there are many torrents all over the internet and many people upload torrents of almost everything. You can download torrents of almost everything. However, downloading torrent does not depend on your internet speed alone but also on other people downloading the torrent.

What torrent client do you know? How about distribution channel?

Are you familiar with BitTorrent? It is a distribution channel that gives content to masses at a low cost. This distributor is becoming very popular. Are you aware that you can improve your download and upload speed in BitTorrent? This is possible by using a seedbox.

So, what is a seedbox? A seedbox is a remote server that is used to increase the downloading and uploading speed of your torrents by increasing the ratio on your trackers. Pulsed Media can provide you with a seedbox you need for your torrent.

What’s even more interesting is that it can provide you with BitTorrent seedbox. Pulsed Media has this Super100 rTorrent Seedbox that can provide you with the best performance and specifications for your BitTorrent. It offers a 100Mbps seedbox at a very low rate that you will surely love.

Pulsed Media Support

Aside from providing a service as a BitTorrent Seedbox, they are also a NuCode for content distribution. They specialize in GUI seedbox, high data rate 10Gps network, automated provision ordering, and automated server maintenance system.

They also provide costumer service that is quick and is friendly in such a way that you will not hesitate to ask when you have questions. The company started operating in the year 2010 and is registered in Finland.

Pulsed Media Pros

Pulsed Media can offer you with different kinds of benefits when it comes to BitTorrent. Of course, you will have a faster download and upload speed than what you had before. As mentioned earlier, they offer a Super100 rTorrent seedbox that can provide you with 100mbps downlink.

Furthermore, they can even offer you with something even faster than that; you can even have up to 1Gbps downlink. Aside from this, they can provide you with 20 mbps or even 100mbps uplink. Another good thing about Pulsed Media is that they provide you with choices.

You can choose between the 100mbps and the 1Gbps, all you need to do is choose from the plan they offer. Another good thing about Pulsed Media is that they offer a 14-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with what you purchased, you may talk to them and may even get your money back.

Amazed yet? Well, Pulsed Media has a lot more to offer. You may not believe it but they offer a free seedbox! Once you sign up, you will get a free seedbox for one day or seven days. Aside from this, they can offer you a lot of different kind of hosting services.

Pulsed Media Cons

Pulsed Media is not a perfect company, their offers may still have things that may not be according to what you want. Some disadvantages of Pulsed Media’s services will be provided in this article.

Consider this in making a decision if you will avail their services. Here it is:

It is limited. Although they have a lot of different hosting services, they still cannot provide you with everything. There may be things that you wanted but are not offered or something that you think should be in the service but is not.

Furthermore, their dedicated servers are also limited. However, nothing is really unlimited in this world so Pulse Media’s limitations are not really something to dwell on.

There are catches. Recall that they offer free seedbox for one day or seven days. However, this is not really free. You may not really use money to pay for it but you have to do something to be able to avail it. You have to sign up, then the free seedbox can only be availed for a specific time.

However, no cash payment is still cashed saved so their conditions for you to have this “free seedbox” will still be worth it for you.

Their services are not for free. Recall the reason that you wanted to download from the internet. If your reason is because the things you can download are free, then purchasing this may defeat your purpose for downloading torrents.

However, since seedbox can give you a faster download, you will be able to download more of what you can download. It is just like paying a little amount for more.

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