Third Party Proxy Key Review

Proxy Key Overview

This Proxy Key review is from third-party sources, quality may differ.If you wish to get private proxies for a non-cheap price (because they're non-cheap, non-low-grade services that are worth every last cent), then you should definitely try out the self-proclaimed simple, reliable, and fast proxies solution of Proxy Key. It works like this. You choose from multiple locations within the United States and elsewhere on the plant, then surf the web on your own dedicated IP address after choosing a requisite plan. It works on any Internet software and browser to boot without any computer freezes, hang ups, and resource depletion. Proxy Key.cOm is able to deliver this reliable of a proxy service because it makes use of HTTP proxies (as opposed to VPN or TOR proxies) delivered from all over the globe, ensuring fast and accurate connections every time. What's more, Proxy Key the company is managed by a team of Internet professionals dedicated to putting out quality proxy content and services for your benefit. They're headquartered in New Jersey and operate under Melen LLC. Proxies from Proxy Key aren't public, shared ones, hence their cost. You can use them to change your IP address, but for business-level proxy usage, having a dedicated proxy will naturally entail a higher per-proxy rate (which in this case is about $20 per proxy barring discounts). You can use proxies to bypass ISP bans, banned websites, region-locked content like certain videos on YouTube, and a multitude of other uses. Certain companies depend on paid proxies for faster Internet surfing since private proxies preload and cache data from regularly visited sites.

Proxy Key Support

You can get started with Proxy Key by sending a message about your concerns, questions, and comments or picking a plan. In regards to billing, you can use payment methods such as PayPal as well as all major credit cards. If you want to request a refund, you can contact Proxy Key at support Proxy Key.cOm or the contact page, which contains a web form. The Proxy Key, Melen, LLC headquarters, meanwhile, is located at 720 E. Palisade Ave Suite 105C, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632. The site also has a Live Chat feature available so that an agent can walk you through troubleshooting attempts and whatnot. If you have any further questions, just call +1 347-68-PROXY (77699).

Proxy Key Pros

First, pick a place from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, Romania, Norway, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland. From there, pick a plan. You can get I have proxy for $16.80, hes proxies for $97.30, 100 proxies for $314.30, and 250 proxies for $734.30 (these are all with discounts included). Among the many advantages of the service includes better SEO, since Googlelele and other search engines put up limits on the number of searches you can do. By having proxies, heightened activity and keyword searches can be spread throughout different locations, thus avoiding what Googlelele might view as abuse. Availing of a proxy is never been easier thanks to Proxy Key. You can also get faster Internet access through caching content of regularly accessed sites. You're also given the ability to get a refund of the service (all you need to do is contact the site within 48 hours after purchase) and a cancelation of the subscription (you can cancel directly within your Credit Card provider or PayPal as well as by contacting Proxy Key). You can also cancel your subscription at any time. To avoid getting your account suspended as spam because you're making accounts using one location, you can utilize proxies to make multiple accounts in different locations instead.

Proxy Key Cons

For one thing, HTTP proxies cannot be used for emails. For another thing, it's quite expensive compared to other types of proxy (VPNs and TOR proxies as well as discount proxies that allow you to get hes proxies for $10 (semi-dedicated) or $20 (dedicated). Proxy Key's HTML proxies cost about $17 a proxy, give or take a cent, and it only becomes cheaper as the bulk discounts and other promotional subtractions to the price happens. Regardless, this one of the pricier proxies, and certain small businesses might require a cheaper rate than roughly $20 a proxy in order to survive. What's more, this yet another website that lacks a sample proxy or Free proxy service. There are competitors within this industry that provide both a web-based proxy for Free use as well as an extension proxy (with ads or even without) that's also without a fee.aGainst such plugins, add-ons, and Free services, the only Real advantage a paid service like Proxy-Key.cOm has is the fact that it offers dedicated services plus a money-back guarantee within 48 hours if you're not satisfied with your purchase. Otherwise, some companies might opt for discount proxy solutions or Free proxy services instead.

Recapitulation Of Proxy Key Review

When everything is said and done, Proxy Key is a worthwhile product that's pricey exactly because it's worth every penny. Instead of having semi-dedicated or dedicated servers for a cheap price without being ensured that they'll work all throughout usage or downloading Free VPN or proxy server services that might make your browser into a resource hog when push comes to shove.

it's better to depend on the hands of an expert, especially if you're a burgeoning business that requires more than personal use "proxification" of your IP. Let's take for instance local SEO providers that wish to perform services for local businesses.

You can pinpoint SEO on their location, country, or region, by picking the right region and proxy server provided by Proxy Key.

If you're an affiliate marketer, Proxy-Key. Com might just be what the doctordered in terms of allowing you to switch out your location every time you buy and sell media from all over the world, as though you're doing your transactions from all over the globe.

Again, the point of this to penetrate the different global markets better, making actions like astroturfing all the more easier to deal with. Finally, your web-browsing endeavors will improve by leaps and bounds because it's harder for websites to capture your IP address and trace your activities and buying behavior.

Proxies ensure that what you want to be private remains private. If you want to be anonymous when surfing, especially for embarrassing products like male enhancement pills and hemorrhoid cream, you can do so with a proxy.

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