Third Party Postling Review

Postling Overview

Since more and more people have made networking wesites a big part of their lives, more and more businesses and careers are geared towards it as well. Postling is a tool that enables users to maximize their use of various social networking sites.

It provides an easy and convenient way to manage and access your social media accounts. Using a single mobile tool, you have the power to view and publish your posts on your different social networking accounts. You also have the capability to schedule your regular posts as well as constantly interact with your friends and contacts.

You can keep up with your notifications as well as your comments in order to maintain and stay in the loop. This way, you do not have to worry about getting left behind by your peers and online network.

Postling is a great social marketing tool that provides easy access. This type of online tool is beneficial nowadays since most people are always mobile and on the go. Since you are publishing your content in a single platform, you do not have to worry about switching from one mobile application to another.

If you are one of the many people who is always on the Internet for business, recreational or work purposes, this tool is perfect for you. It is compatible with most social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr and more.

You can now post your blog content, tweet, update your Facebook page and upload your informative videos with a simple click of your mouse button.

Postling Support

Just like any other kind of service business, Postling also aims to provide a great customer service as well as support for its various clients. It believes in the importance of effective communication, especially when it comes to a product of tool like this. Existing and prospective users can easily contact the proponents through their website.

Users can simply send an email to in order to receive a fast and prompt response. Each customer support personnel have an access to this e-mail, which is why they can respond to any type of inquiries and questions in a timely manner.

Postling Pros

One of the best features of Postling is its purpose. It aims to provide social media website users a means to organize and publish their content into one location. It enables users to view their latest notifications, posts and comments from various social networking sites into one personalized platform.

It also enables users to post and update their blogs, Facebook page, Twitter feed and YouTube account. It is a great tool for people who are always mobile but are still required to regularly check on their social media accounts due to business, work or recreational reasons.

Since most people are using the Internet to transact businesses, to set up a startup venture and to interact with their existing and potential target market, they may be overwhelmed by the sudden influx of responses from their target audience. Postling provides a great way to effectively monitor, respond and reach out to your followers and audience.

It provides maximum social engagement with the people from the online community. This personalized interaction with your audience can yield positive results in terms of future sales and profit generation. Since most people have the need to be kept in the loop, this tool is perfect in fulfilling that need.

Postling Cons

To be honest, Postling has more pros than cons, since its primary purpose sounds very promising, especially to the people who work using the Internet. However, one of its major drawbacks is its lack of significant customer support. The site only provided an e-mail where users are supposed to send all of their queries and information.

It also provided some frequently asked questions but has limited answers. It did not include some online support where existing users can simply search the instructions on how to fix their problems with the tools. The site has to be more user-friendly when it comes to providing quick answers to system-related problems.

Another con is Postling’s pricing. It is great that the proponents offer a one-dollar trial offer for a product that has a lot of potential.

This trial lasts for a period of thirty days. However, once the trial has expired, users are required to pay $10 a month to be able to mange up to five social media accounts.

There is an additional charge of $3 per month for every additional account. You have to pay $49 on a monthly basis in order to have a premium account. These prices may be cheap for established businesses. However, the price may be too costly for others.

Recapitulation Of Postling Review

Overall, Postling is a great tool, especially if you are a startup business. It is a great way to build and manage your reputation at a reasonable cost. You may find yourself paying for a monthly fee but if its returns and results are astounding, then it is definitely worth every penny.

Since it is a publishing platform, you do not have to switch different social networking mobile apps. You can simply stay in one place and view different sites at once. Its integration with several websites such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress, Flickr and others helps you become a more versatile online entrepreneur.

You can easily organize your posts as well as keep track of all your responses. You can also retrieve and review what you have posted without any hassle.

Aside from organization, you can easily reach out to your target market. You have the capability of viewing what the online community is saying about your venture. It allows you to look at various customer reviews in order to know what part of your business venture needs improvement.

Through this tool, you can easily track the latest news, comments, posts and information about your business. Lastly, Postling is perfect tool for brand as well as reputation management. It helps you increase your online presence without paying someone else to do it for you.

You can decide what to post and when to post it. Your business venture’s future is right in your hands, since this tool allows you to become a more hands-on business owner.

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